Pastures New. Covid Cont…

So there we were, happily hunkered down in our tranquil Forest bolthole, just waiting for good old Boris to give camping the green light so we could all get back to work. Our piggy bank was getting worryingly low. Then, boom! Low and behold, he did! We rejoiced. Our elation was short lived however. Our dear employers lost their bottle and decided not to open any of their Camping in the Forest sites throughout UK for the 2020 season. Strange decision. Sites were chockablock with bookings!! All but a couple of staff, some long termers, were made immediately redundant with one week’s notice. This left a lot of seriously unhappy Wardens and Managers. We had hung around since lockdown began, loyally waiting. All for nothing now. Not to mention the thousands of campers who had booked and paid in full for holidays, expecting to arrive in their droves from the 4th of July. Poor sods were now unable to find alternative vacancies due to the huge demand. Not forgetting of course, the local businesses who were already on their knees, desperate for the tourist trade the campsites bring. An awful lot of casualties. A very bad call all round. We and our friends felt a wee bit devastated. Still, nothing we could do about it and there was no point moping. We had to remain motivated. It was high time to man up and move on. I won’t lie, aside from not being able to see our nearest and dearest, we’ve both really enjoyed lockdown. We would never get chance to see the New Forest in such a rare, human free, state ever again in our life time. It’s been magical. We are both sporting a mighty fine suntan too!! We’ve lived simply, been at peace and felt safe. Anyway, for now, the first thing we needed to do was find ourselves a little car. That would open up our options considerably. Almost wished I’d hung onto my lovely soft top Beetle now. Loved that motor. Within two days we had sourced and collected a tidy little silver roller skate. No point going for anything fancy in case we needed to sell it on quickly if we should find ourselves able to continue our travels later in the year. I could just about fit Mark into it if I folded him up!! Two more days on and we’d had several job offers. Amazing result. All very positive. We decided to have a change and head from Forest to the sea. We’d really missed the draw of the ocean. We liked the look of Warcombe Farm in North Devon. The Managers seemed lovely, very genuine and down to earth. After a video chat with them, we accepted a position and set off to Woolacombe to join their team. It was a good decision. We seem to have slotted right in here. The site is beautiful. It’s extremely well run and in a stunning location on the rugged North Devon Coast. Lots of colourful flowers, a fishing lake and sea views. The site owners, Managers and our colleagues are all jolly decent folk. Very easy to get on with and a fun bunch. We are loving it so far. Our site Owner is an avid baker and an Artist to boot as well as being a kind hearted and lovely person. She obviously has my vote. Matt and Lucy are thrilled too as we are but a stones throw from a fabulous surf beach.

It’s a truly spectacular stretch of coast. A combination of sandy sweeps and pretty coves. You can see over to the Gower on a clear day. We are closest to Mortehoe, a picture postcard, typical Devon village lying between Woolacombe and Ilfracombe. It’s not too far for the kids to shoot over from the opposite side of Devon for a day’s surfing.

To just be able to nip to the beach with the dog before or after work is a massive bonus. I even get to see the sea when I go to Tesco. We can go for fish and chips on the Harbour whenever we like! The car is a game changer too. It’s so nice to have wheels again. When the kids came on Sunday afternoon last week we met them at Barricane Bay, just 5 minutes away from home. We were blessed with a fabulously warm evening. It was just so beautiful. The sea was like a millpond. We took drinks to the beach and Dylan got his sunset swim. There’s a beach shack down there with two Sri Lankan guys cooking up fresh curries. It’s a bit surreal but what a fabulous idea. People set up their tables and light candelabra. they bring cool boxes full of wine and dine on the sands as the sun goes down. It’s pretty special. In fact it was even given a mention in The Times this week! Croyde and Saunton are only a hop skip and a jump away. We are right on the edge of Exmoor. There is certainly no shortage of things to do and see.

So our lives have changed yet again. As indeed things have for everyone. Who knew that we would all be wearing face masks to go to the Supermarket this time last year? Events sure have taken a bizarre turn. But we soldier on. As we all must. It’s just a different way. One we must learn to live with as this isn’t going away any time soon. Anyway on a different note, I’ve finally found a decent hairdresser and I have an appointment next week. Hurrah! I am starting to rock the Cousin It look! It’s not pretty. Lord knows how I’ll cope with a mask around my chops for 4 hours. I was having a meltdown after 5 minutes in the Post Office today. Not only that, how the actual f**k are you supposed to understand what anyone is saying to you?! Jeez, I’m half deaf at the best of times. Not easy. Covid 19 has a lot to answer for. So that’s where we’re at folks. Another chapter in our ongoing adventure. Not quite how we’d planned it but hey ho, no complaints. Hope things are good with you guys. Think this is as normal as it’s going to get for a while. Better get used to it and adapt accordingly. Sending love to you all out there. In a socially distanced kind of way. Keep in touch. TTFN. PS. The cream teas here are the best!!


  1. Lovely to read this as we were wondering what you two were up to! And you’re in one of our favourite places…I’m very envious! We go most years to Mortehoe and stay at North Morte Farm site and love the coast walks from there. Enjoy!


  2. So glad you have found another chapter of your adventure to embark upon and I bet Dylan gives it the paws up
    Have fun H G & rascal xx


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