Life Goes on in Lockdown

So, here we are chums. Still in exile, still in the Forest. No word of our Contracts being renewed any time soon. It feels a little less ‘taboo’ to drive the big bus out for gas and groceries, but its actually more difficult to get around. So much traffic! Every day is like a double Bank Holiday down here now that Boris has relaxed the travel rules a bit. It’s totally bonkers and is definitely bringing out the very worst in people. I thought we had all vowed to be better humans? I’m still trying, hope you guys are too. The majority however seem to have gone stark raving mad, crowding into beauty spots, using the world as a toilet, leaving ‘Festival’ amounts of rubbish everywhere and starting fires in our most vulnerable areas. There’s been mass rioting, huge group protests paying no heed to infection risks and looting all over the world. Covid is still here! Did you forget? I am dismayed and saddened. Just as there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Anyway aside from all that craziness, how the heck are you all? Those of you trying to work from home and school kids at the same time, I take my hat off to you. That must be a tough call. Some of you have worked throughout, in difficult conditions, many on reduced pay whilst others are furloughed and earning the same for staying at home. It’s s bitter pill to swallow. I am unable to claim a penny as apparently, after 34 years of working with only a 6 week break for maternity leave, I haven’t paid enough National Insurance!! Hilariously not funny!! Luckily we have Marks pension so we won’t starve just yet. It’s a bit of a bugger though. No doubt my taxes will increase along with everyone else’s when all this is over. Still, we have to remain positive and look on the bright side. We are better off than many in other ways. We are in a very beautiful place and safer than most, only venturing off site every 3 weeks or so for supplies. Our lovely friends from the Royal Oak at Fritham, New Forest Farm Produce, have delivered hampers full of their amazing fresh goodies every Friday and Neil, the pub Landlord, has even brought us beer which would otherwise have had to be thrown away. Kindly souls and just all round good eggs. Eternally grateful to them.

As some of you may know, I lost my dear old Mum on the 5th of May. I hadn’t seen her in almost 6 months. She had a fall and was taken into hospital as we travelled back to UK. We went into lockdown as we landed on British soil and were obviously not allowed to visit her then. Thank the Lord for Video calls. I got to see her facd before she left us. It has been very hard to come to terms with and made me want to punch Dominic Cummings on the nose. Nuff said. RIP dear Mum.

Life for us has to go on. We are still here and must make the most of every day. Everyone has their own battles to fight, some greater than others. Fight the good fight guys. May you have the strength and courage and good friends and family to support you.

We are so fortunate to have our good pals around us. They don’t fuss but are always there if we need them and keep the mood cheerful. They are very supportive. We also have a stack of booze!! Cheap plonk from France, Spain and Portugal and Gin, lots and lots of Gin!! Amen to that 😆

Joking aside, we are trying hard to keep ourselves fit and eat healthily. We do PE every morning. Dance Fit or whatever we can find on YouTube to loud music. Running. Lots of walking and the odd cycle ride. We are baking loads (along with every other man and his dog), cooking up a storm, which, in fairness is nothing new and I am still doing my rather childish arty crafty stuff. I’m still trying to write my book too, on Chapter 6 so far. It’s only taken me 2 years!! My main achievement though has to be that I’ve finally learned to drive the Motorhome. All 9 Meters of it. I’m very proud of myself on that one. Not before time. Days pass remarkably quickly, we are never bored so I guess that’s good, right? Would be nice to earn a few quid though. Any ideas anyone? Something I can do on line and NO I’m not doing bloody phone sex before anybody comes up with that bright idea!! 😆

We had our ‘socially distanced’ VE Day celebration which was fun. Check out my ad lib bunting!! We hold a weekly Friday Gin and Tonic meet (BYO, strictly two meters apart) and enjoy the occasional takeaway when Stu can be bothered to get his car out, bless him. Basically, despite not being able to visit our family yet and being somewhat financially challenged, life is good. Waking up here is like being a modern day Beatrix Potter. I’m sure she didn’t drink as much as me though. We are in an oak tree enclosed green meadow full of foxgloves and wild roses. We have bunnies, deer, badgers, and a resident fox in our garden. Cuckoos call during the day and Owls and Nightjar in the evening. New spindly legged foals are appearing daily. They are very cheeky and the donkeys are just adorable. Guess we are blessed.

I shall leave you with that vision dear friends. I could shatter it by telling you Im sitting here in my incredibly unsexy, slightly greying vest and big pants with a carrier bag on my head after touching up my roots. Hey ho, this is real life!! It isn’t always pretty! Sending much love and encouragement to you all. Hang on in there. We can get through this! ❤️


  1. Glad to hear you’re making the best of this horrible situation and at least you are in beautiful surroundings. Really sorry to hear about your mum. Take care and stay safe xx


  2. Hi Michelle So sorry to hear about your mum dying must’ve been a real blow for you she died on my birthday So now I will always think about her on my birthday and have an extra piece of cake just for her
    Losing our moms it’s a really hard one were with them for so much longer and then were born and they are the first person we meet and have contact with their special and they’ll always be special because they’re in your kids she’s there she’s everywhere around you and take comfort in that
    Losing our moms it’s a really hard one were with them for so much longer and then were born and they are the first person we meet and have contact with their special and they’ll always be special because they’re in your kids she’s there she’s everywhere around you and take comfort in that
    We’ve actually quite enjoying lockdown the peace and quiet getting back to nature looking after poorly birds squirrels hedgehogs you name it we’ve had it this summer and of course we’ve had beautifully quiet beaches and already a couple of swims and got most of the jobs done on the house that we can get done without spending more money
    The girls always thought that Mark was a Chippendale before we joined the police I suppose Mark could go back to being a Chippendale🤣🤣🤣
    Anyway thinking of you and sending all our love head north to Wales when you can come see us take care darling girl lots of love
    Helen x


    • That made me cry and laugh at the same time. I miss talking to my Mum and I have nobody left to talk about my past with. Mark as a Chippendale cracked me up!! I won’t lie, aside from the obvious, I’ve enjoyed lockdown. The latest turn of events worldwide sickens me in so many ways. Take care of you and yours my lovely friend xxx


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