A Hampshire Heatwave!

It’s too hot! (said no one ever in the history of the UK until two weeks ago). Now I find myself praying daily for rain (and it’s not just so I can wear my new coat!!). If it could just chuck it down overnight maybe while we sleep and give the parched grass of the forest a drink. Thanks! Never satisfied us Brits are we?!

On the plus side, we are just about living outdoors and hubby is getting his fill of barbecued food!

The animals are lethargic, plagued by flies and the pond, their Oasis, is getting shallower each day. The donkeys had themselves a pool party on Sunday morning in a bid to cool off. I had to have words!! Helped themselves to campers breakfast as per usual after their paddle. So naughty but sooooo cute!

The site has been full to bursting over the last two weekends as temperatures soared. We had a lovely visit yesterday from Nic and Stuart who we met in Alicante and then again in Valencia over the winter. Bless them, they brought me lemons and limes for my gin!! How very kind. We’ve experienced some bad behaviour from campers too which is disappointing. Cutting branches off trees in an ancient forest and making fires on the tinder dry ground, (despite being warned several times), why? Then partying til 3am and keeping everyone else awake with very loud music. The next morning, the grass was strewn with beer cans and broken glass. Hardly pony friendly. I had to secretly do my happy dance when they went out to the shop next morning and a group of our seasonal caravanners teamed together, dismantled their tent and promptly placed it along with sleeping bags etc in the bin. Got to love a bit of vigilante action! Of course, as responsible Wardens, we retrieved their belongings and placed them nicely outside the office. Only to hand it all to them upon their return and ask them politely to jog on! It fails me why people make the effort to come to such a beautiful place only to spoil it. Anyway, lucky for us, they are very much in a minority. Most of our guests are fab and very aware of the delicate environment. We meet some great folk doing this job. It’s one of the perks.

We’ve had Chris Packham here this week with his crew and a group of school kids. He does a lot of good work in the New Forest. His latest STOP campaign is to raise environmental awareness. We have lots of road traffic incidents involving the animals. Four foals have been killed already this season on the roads. So sad. Hope people take notice.

Mark and I had a bit of excitement whilst we were out on a litter pick, chatting as you do to the campers on the way round when a call came over the radio that one of our guests had woken up with a rather unwelcome bed guest. We hurried along to find the poor girl who was very shaken. A beautiful, two feet long grass snake was coiled up in her sleeping bag. Little monkey didn’t want to come out either! Whilst I wouldn’t have fancied sleeping next to it, it fair made my day and my litter grabber was put to a much more interesting use! Don’t leave your tent unzipped folks, no matter how warm it gets!

We’ve staggered our days off this week due to staff shortages. We nipped to Lymington again on the train on Thursday as I needed to collect my new specs. So nice to get out of my ‘Aussie Traveller’ green uniform!

It was a scorcher. We picnicked on crab and crayfish sandwiches by the quay with a glass of cold cider. Yummy!

Today, we needed to get the van out and off site as we had to fuel up, collect some groceries and go in search of lpg (gas!!). It was ready for a run. The heat was really getting oppressive so we decided to head for the coast. Some 8 miles away is Milford-on-Sea. We parked at Hurst Spit by Hurst Castle which is opposite the ‘Needles’ of the Isle of Wight.

This video doesn’t exist

It’s a smashing walk through the nature reserve to the Lighthouse. We had lunch at the little beach cafe then drove in to Highcliffe where the beach was more sandy and the dog could have a good swim. The sea breeze was delicious after the searing heat. There is a wonderful castle here but we are going to save that for another day.

This video doesn’t exist

From there we drove back towards Milford and found a nice, grassy cliff top Carpark, favoured by Motorhomes, with a lovely little cafe. The beach below is just fabulous. It’s lined with pastel painted beach huts and has a great vibe. We are now sitting here enjoying the sunset with our sea view overlooking the IOW. I am seriously contemplating a G and T but first I might have to take a little dip. There are lots of folk doing just that in the evening sunshine.

What a great spot! A little sea air was just what the doctor ordered methinks.

And so I will love you and leave you my dear friends. The briny is calling my Piscean heart! No pics I’m afraid though. There is a serious risk I may be harpooned. The diet is not going well. My bikini body seems to have got lost on its way. I ordered it in plenty of time for Summer dammit. Only myself to blame, I do like my food as you all know! Bugger it though. Manana, I’ll start my diet manana! In the meantime I’ll buy bigger clothes!!

Happy week my lovelies. Chin chin ❤️


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