Summer Season in Cornwall

Hello out there and Wazzon from sunny Kernow. Hope you’re all having a corking Summer. Phew, it’s been like the good old days, Summers of our youth. School holidays with wall to wall sunshine, bluest of skies, golden cornfields and a good old hosepipe ban! Who needs to queue at an Airport and jump on a plane when we have 30 degrees here! The tourists have flocked to Cornwall in their droves bringing good and bad. A happy Summer vibe and much needed trade for the local economy but sadly hordes of disrespecting teens causing mayhem on the beaches at night. Lots of mindless damage, disregard for the locals and a major headache for our hardworking Beach Rangers. What is the world coming to? Makes me very sad. A night time ban had to be imposed, spoiling things for those who just want to enjoy the good stuff. Polzeath made the National news for all the wrong reasons.

Anyhoo, that aside, as August comes to an end and traces of Autumn are starting to appear, it’s been a great season. A Summer of hard work and hard play. Music, fun, beach barbecues and a bit of exploring. We’ve loved getting reacquainted with this fabulous nature’s playground. Apart from there being just too many people, it ticks a lot of my boxes. Such a beautiful, rugged coastline, you simply cannot beat dipping your toe in the crystal clear turquoise waters around Cornwall. The Motorhome sadly hasn’t turned a wheel. It really needs a run but not until the holidaymakers have all gone home and we can brave the narrow roads again. We’ve done our adventuring by car. We had a lovely run out to Tavistock Steam Fair, albeit accidentally, a bit of a sat nav faux pas on my part. I accidentally inputted St I’ve instead I’d St Ives. Oops! What a smashing find though. Lots of interesting nooks and crannies and a pretty riverside walk. Very quaint. Will definitely go back, on purpose next time!! I finally got to St Ives too! One that would have been better seen out of season. Such a picture postcard, pretty place but not on a scorching hot day when it’s absolutely heaving and I’d dragged the dog along to boot! Gorgeous spot. Can’t wait to revisit in September! Just be mindful, if you’re not so good on your feet, it’s incredibly hilly. The main Carpark is right at the top of town, a fair old walk down a very steep hill. Getting back up is an absolute chore. Comfortable footwear is essential! The overspill part of the Carpark is ok for Motorhomes but could be slippery if wet. Don’t be tempted to go further into town. You will regret it!! Smaller vans will fare much better than anything over 6 meters.

Lundy Cove and Baby Bay have been our favoured early morning and evening haunts as not so popular with the tourists. We’ve had some fabulous sunrises and sunsets, one step ahead of the holidaymakers. The sea has been warm enough to sack the wetsuit. You simply cannot beat a rejuvenating sea swim. Rock Oyster Festival was great fun. Danced my legs off. We’ve seen the Old Time Sailors a few times too. What a blast they are! Do see them if you get chance. I’ve just bought tickets to see The Fisherman’s Friends at Hall for Cornwall. A far cry from when we used to watch them perform for free, their weekly ritual, on The Platt at Port Isaac. Always our Friday evening treat with fish and chips on family holidays. The Golden Lion down in Port Isaac and the St Kew Inn are still our favourite pubs, each with a unique character.

I’m still enjoying my job here at The Point, working a bit harder than I had planned but I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful work family. I’ve made some great friends here. Our Team of Seasonnaire kids have kept me endlessly entertained, I feel like Mother to a litter of human pups! I sure will miss their antics when they depart at the end of Season. So many different personalities, all with a bright future ahead of them. Love them all. it’s a jolly nice place to work. I do enjoy a swim and sauna before hitting the office. I’m even learning to play golf now! Loving life.

We are both feeling the travel itch now though. I can’t lie. It’s been a while. We’re a wee bit restless. We have a well earned week at Readymoney booked again at the end of September to recharge first. The beautiful cottage on the beach. Hope the weather is as kind as last year. We want to spend Christmas in Cornwall with then will be thinking about a bit of a trip in the New Year. Need to get those wheels turning again! Winter sunshine will be beckoning. We’ve really missed our travel buddies. Will be good to catch up with them eventually.

On that note dear friends I will sign off and leave you there. Hope your Summer has been an enjoyable one. Nearly time to start thinking about Halloween and Bonfire Night! Before you have time to stowe the suntan lotion and fair weather clothes, the Christmas trimmings will be in the shops!! Sending love to you and yours. Big hugs to our friends and family (especially Cheryl and Suzie – thinking about you girls at this tough time ❤️). Bye for now my lovelies xxx


  1. Hi you two long time no see,a delight to read your blog as always hope to see you seeking the winter sun in Portugal we are getting a bit lonely for brits down here but where ever happy and safe travels


  2. Lovely to hear your news and all sounds wonderful! Hope you get those wheels turning again soon and might see you on the road xx


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