Spring in Lockdown

Hi there my beauties. Well we’re still here, locked down in the beautiful New Forest. Some folk would pay a fortune to stay in such amazing surroundings with nobody else in sight. We’ve had a spell of incredibly good weather. That has helped. Everything is budding and blossoming. Aside from the fact that we are not earning any money and we cannot see our friends and family, I have no complaints. We’ve all had time to gather our thoughts and reflect during this strange period in our lives. Hopefully this has made us thankful for things we previously took for granted and realise that we can actually live a simpler life with a little bit of effort. Look at you guys out there, cooking, baking, home schooling your kids! You’re pretty amazing! What Covid has given you all here is TIME. Time to be with your nearest and dearest that you would normally have spent working, shopping, chasing your tail basically. So, we might look a bit bedraggled with a bit of grey showing through without our monthly visits to the hairdresser. I look like a cave woman!! Concentrate on the positives though. Get some loud music on, dance in your pyjamas. Do online quizzes, read, write, tidy up the garden if you have one. Use this time wisely. You will never get it again. Obviously our incredible key workers aren’t included in this. They’re out there fighting on the frontline. Putting themselves at great risk. Just like the troops in WW2. We are all eternally grateful to them.

I have been out walking every day, getting myself lost in the trees. There’s no one else around, just me and the wildlife. I’ve even found treasure! Look at these babies! The Fallow Deer are used to having us around now, they are not as shy. I found these deep in the woods. They are so heavy, imagine having them stuck to the side of your head! I’ve wound them with fairy lights until I decide what to make. What a find.

Our saviours here have been New Forest Farm Produce, local Farmers and Publicans who have started a pop up Farm shop in nearby Fritham. They deliver to us weekly, hampers full of their amazing fresh, local produce. I’m so grateful for their kind and friendly service. We certainly haven’t gone hungry. I’m doing my daily PE to keep the old waistline in check. For those of you who like to chuck their bodies around the living room like idiots (or in my case around a meadow with deer and donkeys for an audience), then add Kerrie West on Facebook. She’s a great kid. Her Thursday live Dance fit class is fabulous fun. Her enthusiasm is infectious!! Do it, nobody’s watching!!

Anyway, I’m just checking in to make sure you’re all doing ok. Please, please, do follow the rules and hopefully we can beat this invisible enemy together and get back to some kind of normality as soon as possible. In the meantime, here’s a little Poem I wrote whilst twiddling my thumbs.

I’ll say cheerio then Chaps and wish you all a very happy May Day. We can do this! Much love and good wishes to you all. Stay safe (I don’t like that phrase but I guess its apt. and shorter than behave and keep germ free and sane and limit the wine/Gin intake 😆) Bye lovelies ❤️


  1. Lovely post as always and “you’re a poet and I didn’t know it” (sorry I couldn’t help that)
    What a wonderful place to be in lock down with all those beautiful creatures in your garden. Keep safe beautiful lady xxxx


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