Friends and Figueira

Couldn’t possibly visit the Algarve without having a week or so down at our firm favourite, beautiful Figueira. It’s right on the westerly tip near Sagres. I’ve covered it before so I’ll make it a short post. Many of our fellow snowbirds stay here for the whole Winter so there are always plenty of familiar, friendly faces. Russ, Fred, Carol and Paddy, Andy and Di to name but a few. Maggs and Kim our mates from Pembrokeshire have moved on to Silves for a change. We’ll catch up with them at some point. They’ll no doubt join us for a few socials. It’s a small site this. on the edge of a pretty village. Several Motorhomers have loved it so much they’ve bought property and settled here. Tempting. The beaches are our main draw though. There are many fabulous little coves to explore. Sometimes there’s only us around. The sand is white and the sea is turquoise. It’s delicious. The hills around are covered in wild rosemary, lavender and pine so you can imagine the scent in the air. The walks are spectacular. You can cycle easily to the nearby picturesque resort of Salema or the wild beach at Boca da Rio. The bus runs to Sagres in one direction and Lagos in the other, there’s no shortage of things to do and see.

We had a lovely Saturday bus trip out to Lagos to visit the market and the quaint little Christmas shop to buy a few decs. We also nipped in again to meet Jo and. Kev, our Summer ‘seasonal’ friends who have their caravan at Roundhill, they were holidaying in Portugal. It was good to catch up with them. Lagos was all trimmed up with fairy lights in the palm trees along the water and Marina. It looked fab! Did a bit of Christmas shopping as you do. Bought silver leggings, absolutely no idea what for, I just couldn’t resist a bit of bling. I’ll look a right twerp on the beach sporting them in my flip flops won’t I!

We organised a curry night in Luz to get the gang together. First gathering of the season! It was great fun and the best passion fruit mojitos ever in The Bull. It’s never a bad curry at Saffron. Love these guys. You meet the best folk on the road!

Next day a couple of guys from the village I grew up in arrived on site. Di and Richard. What a small world, Richard went to my school. Very nice folk, another night on the booze doing a bit of reminiscing! We have a lot of mutual friends.

Time gallops on and we’re already into our second week. Carol and Pat arranged a cheese and wine afternoon. We all sat around a fire pit with Russell playing his mandolin. I baked some yummy brownies. Just about everyone on site, all nationalities, turned up. It was a really good do. Busied myself over the next few days painting pebbles, my alternative to Christmas cards! Clipped the hound and gave the husband a trim ready for the festive season. The things you do down at the beach!! Saved getting hair all over the van though!

It was nearing time for us to drift on. The parcel I had been awaiting from Fairfax and Favor in UK had finally arrived. So I decided to get the guys together again for a bit of a Christmas farewell bash. Ali and Steve had now arrived so there was quite a crowd! We took over the lovely pizza place in the village. We filled it there was so many of us. It was an excellent night. The food was really good and of course the company was top banana as always.

We said our fond farewells the next morning. These amazing people have been our travelling family for three years now, they are truly a great bunch. I shall miss them. Finished off with a big group Sunday roast dinner back in Luz. Best hangover cure ever (we did partake in a cheeky cocktail before lunch, hair of the dog and all that!!).

Thank you Figueira and thanks to you all for your kindness, great company and friendship. You know who you are. We’re lucky to have met you.

I shall say ta ta to you guys back home too until my next post. Going in search of a new adventure and our long term pitch now until the New Year. In the words of Chris Rea, we’re ‘driving home for Christmas’! Ria Formosa and Manta Rota here we come.

Enjoy your pre Christmas celebrations all you lovely people out there. I won’t lie, I miss the parties, snow balls, my girly friends and getting dressed up in sparkles. Worry not though my dears, I shall be giving the glittery bauble a good old kick and I do have a sequin or two hiding in my wardrobe πŸ˜‰πŸŽ„πŸΎπŸΈπŸ·.

Let the festivities begin!

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