Putting in the Miles Carnac, Auray, St-Goustain and Conleau

Good Morning to all you wonderful humans out there. Hope all is well in your world.

Since my last post we’ve left Josselin and put a few more miles on the clock, always trying to keep one step ahead of the weather. We’re still heading down the west side of France in order to cross the border into Spain around the Pyrenees, always trying to keep it interesting and seeing what we can along the way.

We’re aiming to call at Carnac today. France’s version of Stone Henge on a much grander scale and considered the most important prehistoric site in Europe. This site long pre-dates our Stonehenge and the Pyramids. Amazing really. In addition, and more my cup of tea, (I know right, how shallow!!), it has a most charming seaside town with 5 beautiful beaches. Now we’re talking! You can’t miss the megaliths as you drive in. There are hundreds of them, literally. 1169 in 11 rows known as the place of remembrance , 1029 in ten rows, the place of the dead and 555 stones in 13 lines being the place of burning. It’s quite an incredible sight. Eerie and mystical! My friend Lisa would get a huge buzz out of this place. We drove past the stones and on towards town following the sat nav’s directions to the Aire which is just to the left of Lidl. The first thing we noticed was a new, very busy, Carpark just before you reach town with a few dedicated Motorhome spaces, not long enough for us, (I would guess at 6m max) The second thing was a new 3.5t weight limit sign restricting our entrance into the old town. Upon a closer inspection, we found the Aire had unfortunately closed down. We managed to find co-ords for a replacement Motorhome parking Aire which was a little way out but the directions were confusing, the roads around town tight and by the time we spotted it, we’d actually passed the entrance. Mark was getting a bit frazzled. Sometimes that’s the way it is and you just have to stay calm and move on to the next place. Another time maybe. I would recommend this town for sure but look on Camper Contact, the place noted in All the Aires France book is permanently closed. Disappointing but hey ho, we saw the stones at least!! Shame about the beach, it looked gorgeous and the town itself quaint and pretty. Don’t be put off just come prepared.

Moving swiftly on, our next stop was Auray. It’s a nice part of Brittany this with its amazing ancient quarter and historic Port of St. Goustain. The beautifully restored fifteenth and sixteenth century houses spread up the hill from the arched bridge spanning the river. I’ve actually covered this place before so I won’t harp on. The old Aire at the top of St, Goustain is now closed but the one at Auray is open and free of charge with dump and fill facilities. The downside is it’s on a real slant so not really an overnight option for us but great for a day visit. Head left out of the Carpark to the Place de la Republique and the 17th Century Church of St. Gildas. On Mondays there’s a large open air market which spreads through the streets and stops traffic. Walk down the steep cobbled streets to the Port below. Lots of interesting arty shops, boutiques and Brocantes. It’s proper peachy. There are a couple of nice places to eat and drink down on the waters edge too. To the north of town stands the Abbaye de Chartreuse, open every day except Tuesday with free entry.

Our natural progression from here is usually Vannes. We absolutely love this City. It’s elegant and quaint all rolled into one, like a film set almost. It’s a must see if you’ve never visited. A stunningly beautiful walled city with cobbled streets and a fab harbour. We always stay on the Aire just outside at Conleau. It’s a Pass d’Etapes site so you’ll need to obtain a card if you don’t have one already. It’s very easy you need an email address and a credit card. The machine on the gate will issue it. Don’t lose it! Replacements cost a tenner!! The bus into town stops opposite the Aire. It’s a lovely spot and has brilliant cycle paths. Do walk up to the little bar and watch the sunset with a glass of wine. Tonight we’re only charging our electricals, scrubbing up and bedding down. No time for the City but you’ll find the heading from last visit if you want to see pics. We walk the pooch around to the beach, stop for a quick drink by the boats as the sun goes down and then head back to the van. Time to get the maps out again. I’ve got a king prawn and spinach curry in the slow cooker which smells delish. Light the candles, cork a bottle and I’ll find my specs!! Ooh where to wander next!!

Only a short entry this time. Hope you’ll look in on us again wherever we end up. Watch this space. Have wheels will travel my beauties.

Peace and love to you and yours.



  1. Wouldn’t miss any of your blogs but you must turn all the episodes into a book I’m sure it would become the motorhomer
    s Bible within weeks of publication xx


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