Beaulieu, Cars, Cake and Castles

Hey there and and a big fat hello from us here in the Forest! Can’t quite believe we’re into our final week at Roundhill! Somebody up there is winding the clock on too fast! Where did Summer go? Three more working days before we say a fond farewell to our friends in the forest, both the two legged and four legged kind and pootle off back to Derbyshire to see our folks. It’s been a blast!

So we finally got to use our freebie tickets to Beaulieu Motor Museum. There’s so much to see, it’s taken us two stints!! Mark and I cycled there last week with a picnic. Today we took the Motorhome. For my Moho buddies, there’s heaps of parking for us big uns!! I was supposed to be going river kayaking today but the weather was hideous first thing so my partner didn’t make it. Last minute change of plan took us back to Beaulieu. We weren’t disappointed. It’s a cracking day out, albeit a tad minty at £25 a head.

The first display was entitled ‘The Car’s the Star’ . They’re all in there from Ron Weasley’s flying Anglia, Bab’s Cab, Trotters’ Plastic Pig, Ab Fab’s TukTuk, Mr. Bean’s Mini, to name but a few. Next we did the Top Gear Experience. Fab! The Museum itself is just brilliant and I’m not much of a car person.

I never realised how beautiful the Rolls Royce ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ figurine was until now. Apparently she was modelled for Lord Montagu’s Rolls on his Mistress and Secretary, Eleanor Thornton, who drowned on the SS Persia when it was torpedoed by a German U Boat. She’s just stunning.

The special exhibition at the moment is based on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It has the lot! From Chitty herself along with Truly’s various other cars to Caractacus Potts’ workshop complete with his marvellous inventions. I absolutely bloody loved it! I’m still singing!

When you’ve finished with the motors, there are free rides on a monorail and a vintage bus, both of which take you around the fabulous grounds. Access to Beaulieu Abbey and Beaulieu Palace with their numerous displays and the stunning Victorian gardens are all included in the price.

It has taken us a good two days to see everything here. If you are a paying customer, you get a free return visit within 6 days. Not such bad value really. I have to say I’ve enjoyed every minute. Twice I’ve taken a book along for the ride thinking I’d be bored. It has never seen the light of day. You really need to see this place. It’s damn good!

Now back to Beaulieu Village for a swift one at Monty’s Bar. Would be rude not to!!

Feeling happy and not too disappointed at the kayaking disaster, we head back to base. The site is drying out nicely after the storm last night. We spend an hour out with the dog, picking chestnuts to blanch and freeze ready for Christmas Day stuffing. More free booty from our generous forest. My piri piri Chicken is smelling rather good in the slow cooker and we have a homemade apple and blackberry crumble for desert with clotted cream. Living our best life here folks, what can I say.

Bumped into these critters on the way back! It’s official, it’s Pannage!!

On that note my lovely blogettes, I shall leave you to it. It’s difficult to type and drink at the same time!!😆

I hope you have a cosy evening. The next time you hear from us, we’ll be in pastures new and I shall be catching up with some of you along the way.

Much love to all from me, him and the dog. Be good (or not, whichever is most fun!!) ❤️


  1. Sounds lovely! I loved chitty chitty bang bang! Must go there one day. We’re currently in Sweden but will be heading South in New year. Enjoy your travels xx


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