Friends in the Forest

Hey there my beauties hope this day finds you fit and well and raring to go for the weekend. Topsy turvy time for us, back to work today, Thursday being our Monday for the Summer Season.

The Forest is now gloriously resplendent in its Autumn colours, still basking in the slightly cooler golden sunshine. The brambles are heavy with juicy berries. The acorns are ripening and the crab apple trees are bearing their fruits in abundance. I’m torn between baking and making blackberry gin! My friend has also given me a recipe for Highland Mist using whisky and blackberries. Poor Mark went pale when I asked if he had a spare bottle of his precious amber nectar for me to experiment with. I was promptly told to bugger off (in a proper Derbyshire accent!!)

Our foals are really growing up now. They’re getting much braver, straying further from their Mothers every day and teaming up with their future herds. The Drift took place over Bank Holiday weekend where the Commoners round up the ponies and check them ready for Winter. Some of the foals, mainly the colts, are taken off and sold on. Sadly I didn’t get any pics as I was on early office duties that day.

Next week sees the start of Pannage when the pigs are released into the Forest to eat up all of the acorns (poisonous to ponies). Can’t wait for that!

Well we have been blessed over Summer with numerous visits from our lovely friends and family. So kind of you guys to treck all the way from Derbyshire and Yorkshire, it’s been fantastic to see each and every one of you. Last weekend Nick, Amanda and their handsome dog, Bear, from our old village of Youlgreave came to Roundhill. They loved our beautiful site and we had a great barbecue night with them. We enjoyed their company very much.

This week my ‘blondes’ paid me a visit. I’ve missed my girlie weekends away with this bunch. We’ve had a fun few days, laughter is a great tonic.

We had a fabulous evening at The Pig, my favourite place. Their George Clooney tequila cocktails are amazing, they make you feel warm and fuzzy right down to your toes. It’s a very special place. The food is just fabulous. The place is like a film set. I love it. Tuesday was a spa day for us girls. We had fully intended splashing out and going to Senspa at Carey’s Manor (check out the website it looks incredible). As they couldn’t do four therapists at the same time, we decided to save a few quid and go back to Shorefields. Their girls and treatments there are very good and the money we saved paid for a lovely lunch at Stanwell House in Lymington! On Tuesday evening we ate at The Huntsman in Brockenhurst. I was very pleasantly surprised. It had a great ambience and the food and service were really very good. Will definitely be back there. I had a steak cooked over wood fire but the creatively topped sour dough pizzas looked yummy too. We were spoilt for choice. Wednesday was time for retail therapy. It would have been rude not to!! Lymington has some cracking little boutiques. It never lets me down. My wardrobe is now considerable richer and Marks wallet a little poorer 😊! Kerry had to leave us a day early but kindly gifted me her last night at The Thatched Cottage Hotel. A very welcome surprise. What a super little place. Our room was tucked up in the roof, it was so quaint. I bumped my head a few times though!! Breakfast was to die for. A smashing little place. Thank you Mrs G, I loved it!

And so, it’s back to work today. Reality returns!! Only four weeks left of the season. I can’t believe how it’s flown. The nights are drawing in. We really need to make our plans for the Winter.

I shall say ta ta then chums. Must try and sort the Barnet as currently looking like Hagrid and that would never do. Even Campsite Wardens must have their standards!! Bye for now my lovelies. Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are!!

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