A Dawdle to Durdle. Delightful Dorset

Howdy readers, hope this post finds you all fine and dandy and enjoying the sunshine. Summer is well and truly underway here at Roundhill, we’re having a welcome spell of exceptionally good weather. The ponies are getting round and fat on the rapidly growing greenery and are looking resplendent in their shiny summer coats. Sunshine puts everyone in a good mood and keeps our lovely campers happy.

We had a quick nip back to Derbyshire in June to visit family and celebrate Jen’s birthday and Silver Wedding. It was too short but very sweet. Always great to see our tribe. Unfortunately we had no time to catch up with friends on this occasion as we needed to get back to work. Next trip amigos!

I did have a very lovely surprise upon my return to work when a familiar car drew up at reception and out jumped the Melluish family! Hayley and her parents came all the way to see us before they left Southampton for their annual cruise. How sweet was that! Made my day to see my dear friend. Thank you so much you thoughtful people.

This week we did manage to take a few days holiday as our good friends, Janine and Graeme, were coming down to the Forest for their first time and we had all arranged to meet Matt and Lucy in Dorset later in the week. The occasion was to celebrate Jan’s birthday. We secreted them away in a very secluded spot on site. They absolutely loved it. The Forest really gets to some people, I can’t explain it. It’s a bit magical, spiritual I guess, sleeping amongst the ancient trees with the wild ponies wandering around. We had to fit socialising in around work for the first few days. It isn’t easy when you just want to party with your pals but they entertained themselves so it worked out ok. Andy and Karen, our colleagues here, very kindly loaned their bikes so we were able to cycle around as a foursome and show them the sights (mostly the pubs to be fair !!). It was great fun. There’s a smashing off road ride over Beaulieu Heath and the old World War 2 Airfield to East Boldre and the Turfcutters Arms. They serve good pub grub there and the staff are very friendly. It was an interesting ride home after a few pints of cider in the beer garden! We had a minor disaster the next day when we did our next cycle trail to Brockenhurst for a cream tea. Our new, state of the art, bike locks decided not to unlock and we couldn’t get the bikes out to get home. Oops!! We have an awful lot of bike thefts here in the Forest. You can imagine the response Mark got from the local garage owner when he asked to borrow some bolt croppers to cut a bike lock off!! He forgets he doesn’t look much like a copper these days, bless him. Anyhoo, we finally went and bought tools from the hardware shop and ended up sawing the bloody things off. What a saga!!

So the next day we were on proper holiday, yay! We were all up and off for an early start and headed out towards Dorset and the Durdle Door Holiday Park. It’s one of my favourite spots in UK and possibly the most expensive campsite I’ve ever stayed on. In fact it’s dearer than a good quality B and B, mostly due to its fabulous location, overlooking the famous landmark. The door itself is unlikely to be around for much longer. This coastline is eroding at an alarming rate. Such a shame. See it while you can people if you haven’t yet. It’s a special place.

We arrived after a hot sticky drive, got unpacked and set up then headed straight down to the beach. It was a scorcher! It’s a breathtakingly beautiful part of the world for sure. The water is clear as crystal. I could sit and gaze at it for hours and indeed I do. Dylan is straight in! I have to keep a long lead on him or the little monkey swims too far out and I’m worried he’ll be caught in the current. He’s a very brave little swimmer. Man o War Beach is at the other side of the rock formation. That is a more sandy, perfect half moon shaped cove and again, very very pretty. Just be aware, if you plan to visit, it’s a fairly steep walk down with lots of steps. Wear appropriate footwear. Flip flops are not the way forward!!

We had a fab barbecue that night and sat around the fire pit chewing the fat and drinking gin until daft O clock. We had quite a selection. The Seville Orange and Persian Lime one was my favourite closely followed by the Parma Violet. You can’t beat a good old Hendricks though, served with cucumber tonic and mint leaves over ice. Delish.

Wednesday was Janine’s birthday. The sun shone even harder, it was glorious almost from first light. The theme today was Pirates! We trimmed the awning with balloons and bunting and got the Birthday girlie round for champagne whilst she opened her cards and prezzies.

Mid morning we set off to walk over to Lulworth Cove. It’s another nice little bay although there are always too many people around for my liking. The plan was to grab a bite to eat there then pick up fresh seafood from the little shack down in the bay. After fish and chips with a sea view followed by coffee and cake we struck out as the fish place had shut down. Bugger. Plan B was at that point non existent. We took a vote and went to the pub instead. No change there then. As expected, it all turned a bit silly after the first gallon. Well Pirates don’t really plan stuff, do they?! It was no biggie, we drank lots, laughed til we cried then ate pizza in the campsite bar. Dressed as Pirates. Our sea dog names got ruder and dafter as the night went on. Thick heads all round tomorrow!!

We only had a couple of days, the time just flew. Still, coming back to Roundhill is no great hardship. We called at Lymington and collected fresh fish so we finally got our seafood supper. Yummy crab, smoked trout, prawns and hot smoked salmon with avocado salad and jersey royals. Washed down with a nice cold Sauvignon. Perfect for a Summers evening. It was a fabulous pinky golden sunset yet again.

Just to make it even more agreeable I’d had a little delivery from Shanna, my friends in Belgium (because I really need another scarf Janet Court 😉). Do check out their website. They have a sale on at the moment.

We’ve had a fab few weeks. Time to knuckle down now, it’s going to be full on from this weekend when the kids break up. We won’t get chance to come up for air. Hope you lot out there, wherever you are, have a wonderful Summer. Let’s pray this clement weather continues.

I shall bid you all a good night now folks. My wine won’t drink itself will it. Much love as always. Look after each other and check in with us next time. Totty bye ❤️

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