The Last Stops before Calais

As all you dog owners out there will know, your return to UK has to be based on a visit to a Vet under strict DEFRA guidelines in order to ensure your pet passport is correctly stamped. This year is a little different as everything could change if Brexit goes through on the 29th of March as planned. Our crossing has been booked for the 28th so there is a sudden surge of Brits heading for Calais and the other Ports trying to get back before the big day. We just need a couple of convenient, low key, stops now and a reasonably priced Vet. Our friends have told us about an Aire in a small town called Broglie so we aim for that one. It’s €6 per night and there are a couple of electric hook ups but you need a long cable unless you get in the first bay. It’s a pretty enough little town but unfortunately nothing was open when we arrived. We didn’t really need anything so no big deal.

The Vet is very convenient to reach from the Aire, it’s a short walk away and right on the Main Street, but they charge around €50 for a Labrador sized dog. That’s about the same as Honfleur and frankly I’d much rather have gone there. We decide to be tight gits! We stay for the night to rest up and continue on to the Aire at Mailleraye sur Seine where we know the Vet is much cheaper and we have used him before. You’ll find full details under last year’s headings. We walked in and booked. It’s all very easy and it’s a two minute walk from the Aire. He’s a nice, kind chap. We like it here, it’s very serene watching the working boats and pleasure cruisers drift along out of the morning mist. You can choose grass or hard standing. There are dump facilities but you will need a jeton for water and electric (purchased from various shops in town). There are a couple of good bakeries and a Supermarket with laundry facilities. Good, we need them. There’s also a friendly little bar in town which serves coffee as well as beer. We favour this stop. It’s comfortable.

Next morning, once Dylan is sorted, we pick up fresh bread and croissants on the way out and hit the road again, bound for Coquelles and the Tunnel. We have decided to give an overnight at Cite Europe a go for the first time. The Aire coordinates are on Campercontact. No services just a Carpark in the shopping area. We do a bit of shopping but the large Malls are not my thing and I’m not altogether comfortable leaving the van. Everything seems fine though. There are loads of Motorhomes here so safety in numbers I’m thinking. At 5 am the next morning I am woken by a noise and I can feel the van moving. I am an extremely light sleeper. I immediately pull my bedroom blind down and there is a hoody wearing youth trying the garage door beneath my window. He sees me and just moves on to next door’s van. I bang on the window and he runs away. There was no harm done and he didn’t cause any damage but just a warning. Keep things locked and don’t be complacent! The immigrants are out there. I actually saw a group of them swarm out of a storm drain and into a Motorway Aire where lorries were parked up overnight as we drove down. Be vigilant.

We had a quick cuppa as by that time we were fully awake and decided to drive around to the pet passport check area and wait there. It has unnerved me a bit. We got Dylan checked and sorted then moved on to the official waiting area and went into duty free to kill a bit of time. The Eurotunnel is just so simple. Before we know it we are on the sardine tin and chugging back to Blighty. Twenty five minutes later we’re on UK soil and back to the pot holey, traffic snarled M20! What a contrast. Boo hiss and guess what? Brexit is now delayed YET AGAIN! No sh*t Sherlock!

Ok Derbyshire, here we come. It’s been another amazing experience. We’ve seen some incredible places and been blessed with the good weather and of course, not to be taken lightly, trouble free motoring. Feel so lucky.

See you all soon folks. It’s been lovely having you all along for the ride. Much love to everyone, will be catching up with some of you in person really soon. We now need to concentrate on family for a while and of course attend my Sister’s funeral on the 2nd which I’m not looking forward to. That will be a big reality check.

TTFN til we meet again ❤️🇬🇧


  1. I love your blogs and finding lots of information for our soon to be (fingers crossed) travels in a couple of months. We are living in the Isle of Man and selling up to head back to the UK, find a cheap base (north wales perhaps) and travel in our caravan (currently being built) for most of the year. Thats the plan anyway. Keep us posted please.

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