Over another Border and into French 🇫🇷

Segovia was a gem to be sure. Once again, it deserved longer but time was not on our side and the forecast was for freezing fog the next morning. After a short debate we decided we could put another couple of hours in before darkness fell. As per our previous post, we made it to the City Aire at Valladolid. The traffic was awful and we went wrong which didn’t help. Confusing lane layouts, you needed your wits about you. Markie kept his cool though and we found it just as the last rays of light disappeared. We didn’t do any exploring so I can’t comment on the place. I wouldn’t have minded a look around. It apparently has some pretty spectacular architecture, palaces, churches and an amazing shopping arcade. We just weren’t in City mode and it felt damn cold! The Aire has dump and fill facilities and felt safe. You do get a bit of traffic noise but I slept ok. It’s a good stopover for the night.

Next morning we were up and on it early. It was a toss up between going to our old favourite, San Sebastián, the Larouletta Campsite at Urrugne near St. Jean de Luz or getting our foot down and crossing over into France. Rain was on the cards for Northern Spain so the decision was an easy one. French France!

We opted to stay at Soustans Plage same as on our way down last year. Wow, that seems like an age ago! It’s a super little Aire this with a tidal lake at one side and a sweeping sandy beach at the other. Very doggie friendly but do look out for the nasty processionary caterpillars. Most pitches have a lovely lake view. It has all services including hook up. There are cycle trails in every direction. Ideal for chilling back.

We love it here, it has a nice, holiday feel to it. If you head off to the left you come to a little resort type town. It has a Supermarket with a smashing bakery section. There’s a good wood fired oven pizza takeaway too! There are a few places to eat, aimed at tourists so not really our thing but fine if you can’t be bothered to cook. The Butchers looked ok. We stayed for a couple of days to get our breath back. Mark had done an awful lot of driving and needed a break. The weather was pleasant, thankfully. Thank goodness we missed the heavy snows that Northern Spain is getting now. Always a risk when you travel at this time of year.

Our next port of call was to be Mortagne sur Gironde. Another old favourite. It’s just past Bordeaux between Blaye and Talmont. The Aire is on a small river Marina, it’s beautiful. It has all services and there are also several cabanas selling great food and wines. The speciality here is Pineau. It’s a regional aperitif, a fortified wine, very popular in these parts. It’s narrow and winding getting down to the Marina. Do keep your eyes peeled as the sat nav will try and take you down a tight 3.5t weight restriction lane if you’re not careful. Follow bigger signs to the port. There are a couple of very smart restaurants on the Marina itself aimed at the yachties so make sure your wallet is full if you use them! It’s a quaint little town with an excellent view point at the top looking down on the boats and out towards the Gironde. It has a good bakery and a very friendly little supermarket. We adore this place.

It’s very restful. The dump and fill is on the opposite side to the parking spaces. Payment is made using a machine by the edge of the water. We are having a night here whilst we plan the rest of our route up to Calais. We thankfully now have a confirmed alteration to our tunnel crossing. Maps and specs out, wine jug filled. Let’s do this!

Not sure where we’re going to be when we next check in! Thanks for following us this far friends. Have a great evening y’all. Off to sample some of this amazing French food while we can!

Bye for now. Au revoir!

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