Falesia and Vilamoura

Greetings lovely readers from our wonderful wild camping spot at Praia dos Tomates, Falesia, a hop, skip and a jump from Vilamoura.

There are two Motorhome Aires at Falesia. They are both very good, I personally prefer Algarve Motorhome Park which is the first one you come to and has direct access to the beach but the one down the road, Acoteias, is also good. Both have lovely sunny pitches and both are hugely popular.

On this occasion we want to get out of the way and wild camp for a few days. The forecast is sunny so the solar panel should provide as much electricity as we need and we have a clean bog, full water tank and well stocked fridge. You’ll see that I covered Tomato Beach last year so I won’t bother with too many pictures. It’s idyllic. The track in however is hideously bumpy, much worse than last year. You have been warned!! The sat nav was playing at silly buggers all the way here. She does like to have her fun that naughty lady behind the dash board! Several times she sent us wrong and poor Mark had to turn our nine meter bus on a sixpence Think they must have put a couple of new roundabouts in or something. On the final faux pas, we had to reverse for over a mile. Himself was not a happy bunny. Much bad language and angry gesticulating ensued. I hedged my bets and got out to walk!! Much safer option. Anyhoo, we finally made it, albeit a tad frazzled. The little beach bar we sat at for sundowners last year had disappeared. We were told it had burned down. What a shame. The beach here is totally gorgeous. The towering red cliffs do actually look like tomatoes, hence the name.

From the Motorhome Aires, there are lots of wooden steps leading to the beach. It’s also a fantastic walk through the pine woods along the cliff tops looking down on the turquoise sea if you prefer.

Speaking of pine trees just a reminder about the processionary caterpillars in case there are any newbies reading. Their nests look like this:-

Hairy balls filled with the caterpillars which fall from the trees when the wind blows. Once on the ground they form lines. They are deadly to dogs and dangerous to humans too. If your dog comes into contact you have little time to reach an emergency vet. They cause paralysis and swelling around the nose and mouth. Evil things. They are just about ready to start wreaking havoc now.

Back to the niceties then. Vilamoura is a ten minute bike ride away or a twenty minute stroll along either track or beach. The Marina is a glamorous display of magnificent yachts and other craft with champagne, gin and other bars overlooking the water. Some lovely shops too. We absolutely love it. Today there was a race on so loads of different nationalities competing and a fabulous atmosphere.

We headed back to camp just as the Shepherd was moving his flock of sheep and goats with their neck bells tinkling. Such a lovely sight and sound as the sun went down.

The nights are peaceful here. Just the odd hooting of owls and the sea. There is no light pollution so it’s wonderfully dark with a gazillion stars in the sky.

Tomorrow we’re moving back to Armacao de Pera to see our pals, Marion and Tony for drinks and a curry. Looking forward to seeing them. It’s been almost a year.

Cooking a Pomadoro Spaghetti tonight. The wine is corked and breathing and Norah Jones is crooning in the background. I’m going to love you and leave you my friends as my glass looks more appealing than this keyboard right now! Wishing you all a happy Saturday and a wonderful weekend. Peace and love from Portugal ❤️

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