Figueira. A little bit of Portuguese Paradise

Sorry it’s been so long friends and followers. This is one of those places that you get to and suddenly, time and everything else comes to a standstill. Such a laid back pace. I would dearly love to build a house here, it’s delish.

The little site at Figueira is well equipped with a smashing little garden and the same people tend to return year after year. As we drive down the lane we are greeted by Kim, our Welsh friend from Tenby who we met here last trip. Smashing guy. Salt of the earth, would do anything for you. Talk about a small world, Kim and Margaret’s son, Dean runs a Surf School back at Freshwater West in Pembrokeshire, our old Summer stomping ground for years, we’ve met him loads of times there. Deans wife Gemma is best mates with Katie, Maggie’s daughter from Cornwall. Di and Andy are here again, also from Wales, they work at Three Cliffs Bay in Gower. It’s like a big happy family! I absolutely love this site.

Figueira itself is a tiny village off the N125. Stock up on food and beer at Vila do Bispo on the way in, there’s a good Lidl with ample parking. The main feature of this place is the beach which lies beneath the ruins of an old fort. It takes ten minutes to walk from the van and is often deserted. The sand is white and the sea turquoise. It is quite simply stunning.

Salema is a short cycle ride away. That’s a pretty resort, again with a fabulous beach. You can hop on the hourly bus to nearby Luz or Lagos. Of course we have to do that on Saturday as it’s Market day.

There are several other beaches if you don’t mind a walk. Around 20 minutes steady stroll to our favourite one. Through the pines and wild rosemary. The scent up there is heavenly. The Goat Herd grazes his flock on the hillside. The only sounds you’ll hear are the tinkling of their neck bells and the rolling waves hitting the sand below. If you’re lucky you’ll spot a Hoopoe bird en route. A little further on is Praia das Furnas. Be warned, this is often inhabited by the Hippie community and is a naturist beach. Lovely though. It’s not compulsory to get your kit off but nobody bats an eyelid if you do!

The good weather is apparently set in for December (does a little happy dance) so we’re staying put for a while. All we need is the beach and a wine supply. A bread van comes around each morning with Artisan breads, olive, chorizo, seeded etc. It’s divine. I couldn’t bake better myself. Intermarche is down the road and there’s a little well stocked shop in the village. There’s also a decent bar doing food with a good atmosphere.

The Saturday market at Lagos is it’s usual colourful, noisy hubbub. We bought more hot chillies and a selection of fresh fruit and veg. We then drifted down to the halls and bought meat and fish. A huge slab of tuna for €6, monster prawns, horse mackerel and some tiny baby squid. Can’t wait to get cooking!

Couldn’t resist a quick stroll around Lagos then back to the bus. It’s a fishy barbecue for supper tonight! Yummy! Tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and parsley with a squeeze of lemon.

On Figueira Campsite there are two double decker buses that have been converted into a funky surf hostel. It’s called Conglobo. Google it! The buses are just amazing inside. They do yoga classes and have various vegan food nights. We’re going tonight, I haven’t told Mark it’s meat free, see if he notices!! Bring your own booze.

We had a brilliant time. Fab company and a right old laugh. Great food cooked by Hunni and team. Loved it.

Margaret and Kim have very kindly invited us out for the day tomorrow. They’re off to Armacao do Pera. Love these two and that place so we happily take them up on their offer and off we go. Bless them, they took us all over the place sightseeing. We had a wonderful day. So many beautiful spots we miss due to the size of our van.

Had such a great time. Portugal has so many hidden gems.

Time for a few lazy beach days now. Just chilling back, eating healthily and living simply. Easily done when the sun shines. We need to start giving Christmas some thought too. It’s creeping up on us. Difficult to focus on it when I’m sitting here in my bikini!

I shall love you and leave you then my dear chums. Won’t bore you with any more beaches and blue skies! For the record, I would dearly love to nip back for a few parties and a bit of festive cheer. Not for long though. Couldn’t deal with the cold weather and the thought of that white stuff makes me shudder! Enjoy the run up to Christmas. Raise a glass or two for us and we’ll do likewise.

Lots of love to all. Bye for now, get writing those lists for Santa! ❤️❄️☀️🎄🕶👙⛄️

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