When we finally drag ourselves away from the beautiful serenity of Odeceixe, it is only because we are in dire need of supplies. We know the nearby town of Aljezur as we stayed close by last year and visited by car. This time we’re heading for the Motorhome Aire which is tucked behind the market building. First of all though, we need to hit Intermarche to stock up on staples. On the approach it doesn’t look like you can get a Moho in the Carpark but you can if you take it steady. Swing to the right at the top of the first ramp. There is a 3.5 ton weight restriction which everyone ignores. Don’t go any further up than the first level though!

When you get to the Aire, you will probably see Motorhomes parked on either side of the road. People mistakenly think this is the Aire but it’s actually on the right, past the market hall entrance and down the ramp. There are no services but a very clean public loo.

The market hall is a bit different. You’ll notice the stalls are more orderly, this is more of a tourist trap and be warned, it is very expensive. I paid €2.50 per Avocado! Wow, I buy a huge bag full for €5 further up the Algarve. I always like to put a few quid over the counter at every town we visit though, not counting Supermarkets, so we buy chilli oil, honey and a couple of chunks of Salmon. There is also a guy selling a selection of very hot 🌶🌶🌶 chillies. Ooh yes please! Bought scotch bonnets, dragon and scorpion varieties. See what damage I can do with those bad boys!

This lively little town is a short distance inland. Arrifana beach is probably the nearest, it’s really beautiful, perfect for surfing with its white sand and crystal waters but it’s not on our itinerary this year. We went last trip. You can park a big van at the top overlooking the sea but it’s not ideal. It’s more suited to camper vans really.

The modern part of Aljezur town is just off the coast road and is in the lower section. The more interesting, historic part winds up the opposite hillside over the river. It’s a network of steep, cobbled streets leading up to the ruins of an eleventh century Moorish Castle. It’s a fab little free stop over for a couple of nights to enable us to get stocked up with goodies and essentials before we move on to Carrapeteira, another beach spot. Check out my morning alarm clock!

There are a couple of good coffee/snack bars in town and one or two nice places to eat, including a great pizza place doing Artisan pizza. The little cafes in the market building are brilliant value for money and have a buzzing atmosphere, they’re a good taster of local life, particularly on market day. There is a much more ‘local’ type market in town,away from the market halls, on a Saturday. Quality produce and much cheaper. The church up on the hill in the newer part of town is worth a look and again there is a selection of eateries and a brilliant bakery up there.

Aljezur has a nice feel to it. The castle is already trimmed up with Christmas lights, ‘Boas Festas’,it looks fabulous when darkness falls.

We’ll be making tracks in the morning. It’s a good weather forecast and I absolutely cannot wait to get back to Carrapeteira. I didn’t ever want to leave last time we stayed there. Amazing place.

And so, we’ve put the heating on a wee bit tonight chums. It’s a cold, clear night, the full moon is almost upon us. I shall bid you a hearty farewell as we tuck into our roasted salmon. Sure it’s much colder back home, 9 degrees here. Are we getting nesh?! Lots of love to you and yours. I shall check in with you again tomorrow when we’re tucked up at our next destination. Trust me, you’ll like it. For now though it’s Boa Noite to Aljezur. Thanks for lovely stay. Bye folks,until we meet again 🤣

One comment

  1. Loving following your travels chum
    It’s about the same temperature here but dark and very very windy
    Big waves
    Very dramatic but am envious of your big blue skies and feeling the winter this year
    Keep the blue skies coming
    Love to you both
    H xxx


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