Into the Algarve -Odeceixe

Good Morning friends and welcome to the Algarve! We had such a wonderful drive this morning through miles of Alentejo vineyards and over the invisible border into the edge of the Algarve. The sun is shining and the skies are blue although it rained heavily in the night. We wanted to see this place last year but bottled it after hearing about the single track road leading down. I did a bit of homework this time and saw from Google Earth that it wasn’t too bad. Our Welsh friends Stacey and Steve and also Justine and Simon raved about it. We came to see what all the fuss was about!!

We took a right turn as directed just before the bridge over the Ribera da Seixe. The pretty little town of Odeceixe starts after the bridge and tumbles down the side of the opposite side of the valley. I wouldn’t recommend driving into town with a bigger van. It’s better to walk or cycle.

We were more interested in the beach where the river meets the sea. It was clear as we drove down that the river was quite swollen and a muddy colour caused by the rain running off the land. The valley is green and lush and filled with birdsong. It’s a bit puddled but lovely nonetheless.

There were a handful of other Motorhomes tucked away down the bottom of the valley. It’s an absolutely gorgeous spot. You can fish and cook up what you catch. At low tide you can wade across the little estuary and wander up into Praia de Odeceixe, the beach is sheltered and fabulous, attracting many surfers. Bet it is heaving in Summer. As soon as darkness falls, and boy is it dark, the twinkly lights of the town can be seen across the water.

Next morning the muddy torrent had dispersed and the beautiful turquoise waters were restored. This is really a very beautiful, peaceful place. Wild camping at its absolute back to nature best. A delightful little find. The goatherd brings his flock down from the hills to drink from the river at dusk with their tinkling bells. Idyllic.

We just want time to stop for a while now. The dog is happy and able to swim safely.l in the shallow river. Would be a great spot for paddle boarding.

on that happy note I shall leave you chums as I’m going to sit and watch the sunset over the lagoon with a nice G and T. I have a spicy casserole in the oven for later so all is right with the world. My phone is almost out of charge and there isn’t much more to say about this place except it is truly amazing.

Have a great evening my lovelies. Sending an especially big hug to our brave and beautiful friend Karen back home who is about to begin an epic battle. Wishing her strength to fight and a world of love. Always count your blessings people.

Much love. Adious for now ❤️❤️

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