Hitting the Beach. West Coast. Biscarrosse and Dune du Pyla.

Our old Summer haunt, discovered quite by accident some years ago, is the Le Vivier Aire at Biscarrosse. Not to be confused with the Aire at Lake Biscarrosse, (which is also very nice). This Aire is in a beautiful mature pine forest which stretches right up to the edge of the sand dunes. You can fall asleep to the sound of the Atlantic. It’s only around a ten minute drive from the amazing Dune du Pyla, the biggest sand dune in Europe. That’s a tourist attraction in itself right there. It’s very impressive. There are several good campsites close to the dune. The one I would recommend is Panorama du Pyla although it is rather pricey. I was quite surprised to find them all closed as we drove by in October. I thought they would open til at least the end of the month ie after French half term hols. The Sunset from this site is spectacular, the best I’ve ever seen aside from Goa. You are completely westerly facing and it’s better than any movie. The massive dune changes colour to pinky gold and when the winds are right, hang gliders take off from the top of the dune and zoom around riding the thermals.

This video doesn’t exist
Anyway, I digress. Back to Biscarrosse. The Aire has toilet facilities, water and waste disposal. It’s €8 per night out of season and €16 in the height of Summer. The surfing fraternity literally live here all Summer. The surf is excellent and it’s a great vibe. The beach is simply FABULOUS!! It’s doggie friendly too. Dylan loves it, he runs for miles, in and out of the waves. He’s such a little water baby. Again, the sunsets are incredible. Everyone comes down to the sand to watch the show. The kids often fish from the shoreline and barbecue up what they catch right there on the beach.

This trip we know we are lucky to be enjoying such wonderful weather in late October. Even the nights have been warm. Feeling extremely blessed. The small resort town is a short bike ride away. There is a supermarket and a bar just outside the Aire in walking distance but they are seasonal so weren’t open this time. Biscarrosse itself has a real seaside feel to it. There are a few places to eat. Nothing particularly upmarket, pizzas, burgers etc but it has a nice atmosphere. There are a few shops selling beachwear and trinkets and a stylish beach house interiors place which I absolutely love to browse around. At weekends the place comes alive as the holiday homes are occupied and everything opens up. You can buy your fresh bread here and take in a coffee whilst people watching. Life is good.

If you fancy a change from the beach, Biscarrosse Lake Aire is also very pretty. It’s a restful spot with beautiful lake views from every pitch. It’s only a short drive away.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our couple of nights in the forest. The smell of pine mingled with the scent of the sea is intoxicating. I’ve collected my giant cones which I shall tuck away and spray up with glitter at Christmas. They will remind me of this place and make me smile.

It’s time for us to move on once again folks. We’ve had heads up from our pals in Spain that a nasty weather front is approaching. Always keeping half an eye on the weather, more for safety than anything else. We need to put some miles in and think about getting over the mountains before the temperatures drop. With heavy hearts we must say goodbye to our beautiful beach. The French maps go back in the cupboard and out come the Spanish (predictive text just wrote Spandex. Is big brother watching? So I’ve gained a bit of timber, I blame France! The French Paradox I’ve read so much about just isn’t working for me, dammit!) I am always reluctant to part with France. I am very comfortable here. I love everything about it. But part we must. Into the sat nav go the coordinates and off we go in the direction of the Border. Au Revoir to France and Hola to Espagne.

Bye bye for now my beauties. Hope you’ve enjoyed sharing our beachy time. Catch you on the other side!! Have an amazing day ❤️


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