Vannes, St. Goustan and Auray

The decision was made, our next leg would take us to the bottom of Brittany and the beautiful City of Vannes. It would be a no brainer not to call at nearby Auray en route and lunch in it’s fabulous ancient quarter and Port, St. Goustan. In my opinion this is one of the prettiest places in France. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

The 17th century stone bridge links Auray and St. Goustan. There are lots of little creperies and brasseries along the promenade. I had the best seafood risotto ever in the history of rice here, it’s a gem of a place. There is an Aire in town but it doesn’t seem to allow overnight parking for Motorhomers any more which is a shame. I would highly recommend a visit though. Market day in Auray is Monday. That does make parking more difficult.

Our naughty Satnav was misbehaving again on this journey. A route baree (won’t tell you what Mark calls them which also begins with b) or road closure prevented us getting off at our junction. Instead of finding an alternative route, Madam behind the dash kept taking us back to the same closed junction. Three times in all, around 30 miles wasted. I eventually got the maps out and we got back on track but tempers were a tad frayed by the time we reached our destination.

The Aire is around 2km out of town on a lovely little harbour at Conleau. You can walk or cycle in but the bus from outside the Aire takes you there in ten minutes. It’s 3 Euros for two so doesn’t break the bank. It’s such a smashing little spot this. There is a sea pool, a bit of a beach and lots of walks and cycle trails. You can sit and watch the world go by at the bar on the quay.

Jump off the bus at La République on the Port. Head into the old town, Vieux Vannes, through the ancient archway at Port St. Vincent. Wander through the medieval cobbled streets, the half timbered buildings are amazing, no two alike. The shopping is just brilliant, you ladies will love it! I could have really done with my friend Jules here, where is my retail therapy buddy when I need her?! It was market day when we arrived. The streets were alive with stalls of every kind. Not tat either, good stuff. Market days here are Wednesday and Saturday. There’s a fish Market daily in the covered halls too. It’s buzzing, colourful and lively, a fantastic atmosphere.

There is music on every street corner. Vannes has a great vibe every time we visit. The Cathedral of St. Pierre is very impressive particularly if you are a lover of stained glass windows as am I.

It is particularly expensive to eat in the City of Vannes. We decided to save our pennies and picnicked in the beautiful flower gardens of Place Henry IV. Port Poterne at one end still has its slate roofed wash house at the side of the moat. You can actually walk some of the ramparts and take in the view.

This video doesn’t exist

Come to Vannes! It’s an awesome town. Something for everyone here. Culture, amazing architecture, boats, shops and a great market. Boom!

Wandered back for the bus with smiles all round, a bag full of lovely market produce for supper and a little gift of L’Occitaine French happy juice from my hubby. What a fab day out we’ve had.

Back to base now to check the weather forecast for tomorrow. There are still some pretty nasty storms around. Do we stay or do we go?

Do join us on our next move, always heading South towards the sun.

Ta ta for now my beauties.

Bonsoir. A bientot ❤️


  1. We are first timers in france in our motorohome, we have 2 weeks in June and want to do coastal route from Calaise to southern Brittany Looking for recommendations please.


    • Hi Hayley, my first advice would be don’t do too much. I would recommend first stop Honfleur then onto to St. Malo, Dinan and Mont st Michel. Erquy is gorgeous, Cap Frehel and Fort du Latte are worth seeing. We usually then zoom right down to Vannes, St. Goustain, Quimper and Concarneau. That’s ample for a 2 week visit and you should get some favourable weather in June. I would recommend you buy All the Aires France book from Vicarious on line. The Aires are great and mostly on hard standing whereas sites are grass and can be a challenge in wet weather. Enjoy it! Ask if you need any further info x


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