St. Malo, Mont st. Michel, St. Suliac

It would be a tough decision to travel down France and bypass firstly the eighth wonder of the World (according to Wadsworth), Mont St. Michel and second, my favourite place on the planet, St. Malo. When I am Queen (it’s only a matter of time) I shall have my beachy white house with blue shutters at Rotheneuf overlooking the bay. If it’s good enough for Michael Cain (I hear he has a place here??). Anyway, it’s fab. Nuff said. I love it.

There are two good Aires for Motorhomers. A small one with no services at La Guimorais, St. Coulomb or a larger one with everything at Des Ilots, Rotheneuf. The latter is on the bus route into St. Malo. It’s ten minutes to Intra Muros, the fabulous old town within the Citadel walls. The former has two great beaches and a good seafood restaurant, La Perle Noir. Camping Les Chevrets is another option during the season. Just over the road from the Aire. It has marvellous sea views. Great site.

You can get a ferry or flight to St. Malo if you fancy a cheeky long weekend without a Motorhome.It’s truly an amazing place. There are lovely tourist boat trips from the harbour to Dinan, heavenly well preserved medieval town with an impressive viaduct or Dinard, classy beach resort with its stripy beach tents. There’s plenty to keep you busy within the walls, a multitude of interesting shops, cafes and restaurants and then beautiful sandy beaches on the outside. Ideal place for a short break and not too far to travel either.

The weather was definitely on the turn, we knew Storm Callum was heading our way and as we walked along the beach at Guimorais with the dog, the skies were turning more moody by the minute. Dylan refused to come out of the sea, little sod, and we ended up getting soaked! Luckily I’d put a chicken and spinach curry in the slow cooker in case we had to hunker down. Was very glad of it as we dried out. It didn’t rain for long although the temperature had dropped several degrees from the 27 of the day before. I had to put socks on dammit! Definitely turning nesh (Derbyshire for wimp!!).

The best Motorhome Aire to visit Mont st. Michel, in my opinion is the one at Beauvoir. It’s in the All the Aires book (from Vicarious on line). The little shuttle bus to the island is included in the parking fee. There’s also a decent cycle track. You can’t visit France without seeing the Mont. it’s very special. Not one to miss.

From St. Malo we did a short drive to one of France’s many Beaux Villages, St. Suliac. Mark had read a review in the Guardian many moons ago and we had always intended to visit. It’s very pretty. Again, it has a free Aire. No services but great overnight parking. Don’t attempt if it’s been very wet if you have a big un though 😉. It’s on grass and could get sticky. The village has a little grocery store and a bakery and is right on the water. There are a couple of decent places to eat. A bit pricey but good, typically French fayre. The little church is gorgeous. Incredible stained glass windows. A good find this place.

All we need to do now is drink wine and decide where the heck to go next. We are of course slightly governed by the weather. I had to wear a coat today. That will never do! I’m going to stick a pin in the map wherever the sun is shining!! Vannes! Let’s go to Vannes, Capital of Brittany, we do love it there and it’s more or less en route. A decent nip at around 130 miles. Let’s sleep on it and decide in the morning when Météo-France, weather app and bible, will have updated!!

And so to bed my lovely chums. Hope you’ve enjoyed this step of our travels. Au revoir a bientot 🇫🇷❤️💋🍷


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