A Week in the Life of a New Forest Campsite Warden

Phew, that has been a hot, sticky and very busy week of half term madness and mayhem. Seems ridiculously quiet today here at Roundhill now the kids have gone back to school. I’ll miss them. It’s a joy to see children enjoying the natural things in life instead of TV and electronic devices. The only electronics we’ve seen have been the odd walkie talkie for those hide and seek moments in the trees or calling your mum to see if lunch is ready, oh and a fantastic home made fully functional model Landrover, piled high with little tikes tanking around the site laughing and singing. They’ve broken all the rules, climbing trees, swimming in the pond and making rope swings. Bloody marvellous I say!! They have filthied the shower blocks every morning and night with black bright hands and feet. No complaints from me. They have been well mannered and great fun. It’s so hard explaining to children that they can’t pet the ponies and donkeys in the forest. The young animals are drawn to children as fellow youngsters and potential playmates. They don’t see small people as a threat. Who can resist the velvet muzzle of a baby donkey?! The little ones just adore the ponies. We just have to make sure everyone stays safe around them. I was asked by one little cherub if he could stroke the tadpoles in the lake! Bless him. Happy days here at Roundhill.

It’s back to peace and tranquillity again now until the little monkeys break up for Summer. The adult couples and retirees will no doubt make the most of the quiet time and cheaper prices.

We’ve had a well earned day off today. Last night our Managers kindly put on a staff BBQ so we had a few drinks. I admit to having a slightly thick head this morning. It was fun at the time though! We walked off the cobwebs with a brisk stroll through the woods and then cycled into Brockenhurst to have lunch and pick up supplies.

It’s only a ten minute pedal away (and then another ten waiting for the flaming train to pass!). It’s a pretty little town with it’s thatched cottages, quaint pubs and a fab Butchers, I have picked up some thick cut tomahawk pork chops for the grill tonight and a couple of filet steaks for tomorrow. We decided to buy butties and eat them by the river as it was such a nice afternoon. We sat by the Ford willing someone to fall off their bike into the water!!

There’s certainly no shortage of good food around here. We do like to eat well and cooking is one of my favourite ways to relax.

I especially love cooking al fresco on the grill on sunny evenings then sitting around the fire pit with a glass of chilled wine. We aren’t allowed to burn anything other than charcoal here in the forest. Another point which is very difficult to get over to the campers. They are often frustrated at not being able to have campfires but the ancient woodland must be protected. It could never be replaced.

There are two cycle hire companies in town. One is by the train station and the other, Tracks, deliver bikes to our site and pick them up again at the end of your stay. They are very reasonably priced and it’s a great service. There are many off road bike trails so it’s a brilliant way of getting around and seeing more of the glorious forest.

We have decided to take the train to Lymington tomorrow for a change of scenery. I feel the need for shops and to see the sea! I’m also craving a fresh crab sandwich! I’ll leave you with the ladies who have come down to the pond for their evening sundowner!

This video doesn’t exist

Hope your week got off to a good start dear friends. Ironic that my least favourite day is now my new Saturday!!

Have a good one. Cheerio for now x

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