Still in the Shire

Hello my lovely blogettes, hope you all have that Friday feeling! The sun is well over the yard arm and it’s almost Wine O Clock.

Well we are still in Derbyshire but the good news is we have the van back (Mexican wave and group whoop please!!). We’ve been grounded for a few weeks, staying at a lovely hotel called Mum and Dads, you get bacon butties every day and your laundry done (thanks Jack and Wend). Timberland, our Dealers, came good with the various van issues after a chat with the nice folk at Burstner Technical Department. Apologies for my constant mithering boys, I’m female, it’s in my genes.

We have managed to catch up with a few friends, not as many as we would have liked, unfortunately, mainly due to lack of transport.

Bakewell and The Peak District is a wonderful place to be in Spring. I will never tire of watching the lambs frolicking and the amazing wild flowers blossoming everywhere. As predicted last week, the woodlands are all now carpeted in bluebells, the heavy scent fills the air, especially on sunny evenings on our doggie walks. Gorgeous.

Although our family have been more than generous with their taxi offers and loans of cars, we are trying our best to fitten up so have trodden the footpath from Rowsley over the tops to Bakewell on an almost daily basis. It’s a lovely walk. I used to love riding my horse along this path. It meets the bottom of the Monsal Trail, a fab bike track/bridle way stretching almost to Buxton along the old railway line. The tunnels are a great adventure, it’s a very scenic route and safe for kids and dogs. Hassop Station Tearoom is a brilliant stop off for refreshments. In fact, I am meeting my girlfriends there for brunch on Sunday as our usual haunt, Edensor, is likely to be rammed due to Chatsworth Horse Trials (an excellent day out if you like the neddies. Do look in in on my pals at Hope Valley Saddlery and Brocklehurst’s).

The Park at Bakewell is a smashing spot for a picnic and a paddle or fish and chips by the river. Dylan couldn’t resist a dip!

The signs are already up for this year’s Eroica Britannia in June. That’s a really great weekend event too. Google it! We won’t be around but it’s a bit of good fun for all the family, lots going on. Not to be missed.

So due to unforeseen circumstances, we’ve cancelled our May to July trip to Lake Annecy. It will keep. We need to be in UK for a couple of months but hope to resume our travels in September all being well. In the meantime, we’re off to the New Forest next week to do a bit of warden work. I’m going to be a tree hugger, I get to wear a uniform and everything!! It’s been all systems go today trying to get everything organised and the van ready. I’ve been up to Chatsworth Farm Shop and filled the fridge and freezer with yummies! Didn’t fancy cooking tonight so we were proper naughty and phoned the curry house and asked them to deliver to the Motorhome! How funny, we are wildcamping but they found us. Great service from the Shalimar!

Need to return to civilisation tomorrow as I’m out for cocktails at 5 with the ladies. Cramming all the last minute socials in!! Need to root out something glam and get my hair done. I’ve actually painted my nails for the first time in ages. Hope my eyes are back to normal. I had my semi permanent eyeliner topped up yesterday by Sarah at Alive in Calver. She’s so clever, she’s done an amazing job. So much easier, especially when travelling, to not have to apply eye makeup. Highly recommended ladies. My eyes are so ridiculously sensitive though, I look like I’ve done 3 rounds with Tyson at the minute. Sure they will be back to normal by tomorrow. I’m getting my brows done next!

Right I shall finish my glass of fizz then I’m turning in for the night. We have an early start tomorrow and tons of paperwork to attend to, yuk!

I wish you all a jolly splendid weekend. Catch up soon. Be good (nah, where’s the fun in that!!). Cheerio for now.


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