Jerez de la Frontera and Storm Emma

Arrived at Jerez just as Storm Emma was finding her feet. It was a wet drive from Sevilla but on the plus side there was very little traffic on the roads. Found the Motorhome Aire without a problem and the owners made us very welcome. For our travelling friends, the Aire is on CamperContact and its the one on Avenida de Tio Pepe. It was absolutely tipping it down when we arrived. It’s not a pretty Aire this time, it’s by a busy road , no nice view, but very secure and has great facilities. It’s on a good bus route and we were greeted with a glass of sherry so winner! The weather forecast was fairly hideous for the foreseeable. Time to hunker down and ride out the storm.

Jerez is the heartland of sherry and of Spanish brandy. It’s also the home of the Andalusian dancing horses, the Real Escuela Andaluz del Arte Ecuestre. I am quite excited to visit this. There is once again a big emphasis on Flamenco, both the music and dancing.

There’s no point doing anything on our first day. Far too wet and blowing a gale. We decide it’s a TV day. Mark settled down to watch his Steve McQueen box set on the lounge telly and I plumped for the first series of Broadchurch which I’d never seen on Netflix in the bedroom. How posh are we with our two TVs!! After a day of that, we both had cabin fever. We are so used to being outdoors now. I was crawling the walls! Anyway luckily, the next was not so bad. Sunshine and showers according to The Met Office so we ventured out and into town. It was only a five minute bus ride. The fountain is the bus terminus. It actually drives around it! The sky was a bit grey so guess what? We found shelter in a bar, well several actually.

Jerez is an old City with lots of history and masses of Sherry Bodegas and Tabancas. There is a lot of old money here. It’s not as elegant as Sevilla but has a charm all of its own. It’s not as pretentious and good food and drink are much cheaper. We stopped at just about every bar and had one tapa and a tot of sherry in each. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon!

There are many beautiful churches although you do have to pay to enter most of them. The statues and sculptures are amazing.

The Alcazar and the Cathdral are stunning. The Bodega Tio Pepe is the largest one, its almost as big as the town itself, you go around it on a small train! We managed to find the Flamenco Museum which I loved. I am a bit obsessed with the music and dancing. There are many traditional Flamenco outfitters and shoe makers up the cobbled alleys, it’s quite fascinating. I am in love with the traditional costumes, I have been since I was small.

The next day we met up with John and Julie Draper from UK as we left the site. They had been grounded for several weeks due to a cracked windscreen. Very bad luck. They were going into town to buy a strip of Astro turf and two stuffed chickens for their dashboard. Just don’t ask right. Being stuck in a Motorhome when it’s raining does funny things to a person! As soon as we got off the bus in Jerez, the heavens opened. There was only one thing for it! Bars! We met a new friend, Spanish Frank or Paco to you. I have a picture but sadly only of his bottom! We also met a music producer from England who comes over to persuade the gypsy musicians from the ‘Gitano’ to play at British music festivals such as Glastonbury. Interesting stuff. From every bar and Tabanca you could hear foot stomping and clapping along to the Spanish guitar. Brilliant!

All the bars were heaving and lively with a brilliant atmosphere. You don’t pay until you leave. They write your tab in chalk on the bar! Imagine that in U.K.!!! Sarah at The Manners would have a seizure! Most joints have live music and/or dancing. Things got a little silly but only to be expected really in view of the alcohol intake.

Today, the sun actually came out to play so we headed over to the School of Equestrian Art to see the ponies. The Andalusian horses are just so beautiful. I’ve seen their show before, they really are amazing, so much dedication and hard work goes into training these majestic animals. It makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck to watch them. Not to be missed.

You can visit the stables, watch them being schooled or just see the show. There’s also a separate carriage museum if that floats your boat. Would love to be here for their famous horse fair in May, it’s supposed to be quite a spectacle.

We are now back at base planning our next move. Hopefully the weather is going to improve although it’s given thunderstorms overnight. We’re thinking Cadiz next. I’m really looking forward to that. I would like to be there for my birthday on the 8th.

Anyway, for now, we have a joint of pork shoulder in the slow cooker. It’s had a good 12 hours and smells like heaven. I’m making a smoky pulled pork chilli with some of my world famous Holy Guacamole!! Suppose I’d better cork a nice Rioja. I do like to help the local economy you understand.

I’ll sign off now my lovelies and wish you all a very happy Sunday evening. Hope you at least get a snow day tomorrow being as it’s dreaded Monday.

Buenos Nochas ❤️

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