Holy Guacamole! Still at MantaRota

Well, can you credit it, the boat load of Avocados we bought on the road have ALL ripened at once, isn’t that just bloody typical, so today has been a Guacamole kinda day. Have made shed loads using my new recipe which Mark has christened ‘Holy Guacamole’ as it is rather powerful stuff!

The secret is in the ‘Chilli Boy’ pimento oil you can buy here. It’s smoky and delicious. I also add a pinch of sweet smoked paprika to the Avocado, lime juice and zest, chopped coriander, salt, olive oil, chopped red onion, chopped de-seeded tomatoes and chopped red chilli. It sure has oomph! Can’t get enough of it at present. Wonderful spread on toast with a poached egg. Gets the metabolism cracking in a morning! Served with these beauties tonight.

So, we’re still camped up at the beach. The weather has been so settled, it’s too hard to leave. The morning dog walk through the dunes, barefoot in the white sand, the deserted stretch of glorious beach, to go now would be a no brainer. One of the main things I will take with me from this country is the amazing colour of the sky. I have never seen such an array of blue! From the golden blue hue at sunrise through to the pinky blue at sunset and then the deep velvet blue Ive just witnessed before tucking in for the night with a glowing line of red where the sky meets the sea, punctured with a million stars. The skies are so clear. I could actually live here.

Yesterday the sea was flat and calm so Tony Hennessy, our Mancunian friend with a big heart and even bigger character, took me out paddle boarding again. The old wetsuit is getting a bit tighter every time I try and wrestle myself into it. The good living is starting to take its toll. I must try and get a bit of timber off before returning to U.K.!!

Once I’m finally zipped in, aside from needing oxygen, we’re all good to go. I’d be fine if I could stop laughing, it makes me wobble!!

This video doesn’t exist

Tony is such a patient teacher. I’ve just about got the knack of it, it’s harder than it looks I’ll tell you. Another great day at the beach. Dylan enjoyed a lovely swim out with me, bless him.

Did a bit of shopping today. It’s Tony’s birthday on Friday so we’re organising a beach barbecue tomorrow. Needed a few supplies.Made my first seashell wind chime too!

See, I paid attention to Blue Peter, no egg boxes or toilet roll tubes required!

Picked a few oranges this afternoon in the square near the shops. Couldn’t resist. Is that even legal?!

I’m off to start a new book now, it’s a bit too early for sleep . I’ve read so many, I’m running out. My recommendations for lighthearted reading are The List (I laughed out loud at this) and The Keeper of Lost Things. If you like crime thrillers, all of Mo Hayders books are brilliant and really mess with your head as do Jo Nesbos. Hurry up and write some more you two idle fops, I’ve finished them all!! I am also contemplating suffocating my husband due to loud snoring issues although that may be a bad plan as it would render me driverless. Hmmm, maybe I’ll just belt him again with my selfie stick. I could shave his eyebrows off but I’m down to my last Bic and they don’t sell them in Portugal. Also, I’m not entirely sure that would curb the snoring although it would make me feel better. Tempted to post a video of him but then he might shave mine off tomorrow, ho hum.šŸ˜“Earplugs it is then.

Well I’ll bid you all a good night then on that note. Sleep tight and do tune in again next time.



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