Just Mooching…… Lagos and Armacao

Well after the crazy weekend getting down with the Hippie Hipsters we have just been chilling really. We left Barao and headed back to the coast and Lagos. Familiar territory where we know we can get good quality supplies and the beaches are great for the dog. We parked in the sand dunes at the side of the Marina and boatyard. You can hear the sea which I love at night and the views are just fab, beach to the left and boats to the right. Not bad for our back garden. Dylan loves it here, he has friends. Little Scruffy, a dear tiny terrier whose English owner found him abandoned in a cardboard box as a pup and adopted him, Ron who belongs to Chris the Surfboard maker, Fuzzy, Diane and Philip, our German friends’ dog, he’s another stray they adopted from the beach and then the huge ‘Bear’ dog who lives in the boatyard. It’s just great to see them all playing together. Yesterday the little scamp invited his possy into the van. Two Labrador pups, Scruff  and another. Cheeky hound, funny though! The sea has been really big this week with spring tides, brought on by the full moon. The water came right to the foot of the dunes last night, the waves were relentless. Spectacular to see but from a safe distance, the Atlantic is a powerful force. We had a mooch around the shops for a change, made a few naughty purchases and then headed to the rocks near the Fort for a cheeky cocktail.

This video doesn’t exist

Cooked pork and pasta for supper, a good old favourite. Picked up some lovely pork fillet from the butchers and roasted it with a knob of butter. Pan fried mushrooms with Maggi seasoning. Stirred in a small tub of creme fraiche and reduced it down then added in the chopped roasted pork with the juices and some cooked fusilli pasta. Sprinkled with paprika and served with homemade garlic bread. Ta da! Simple and delicious.

Decided to wander a bit further up the southern Algarve as time is knocking on and we need to think about nearing  Spain now. We needed water and gas so drove to Armacao do Pera, another favourite. Just a quick 27 miles away. The rough seas had played havoc with the usually gently sloping beach! Half the sand had been washed away!

Did the yukky tasks and then had a smashing walk along the sand and sat for an hour watching the surfers. Idyllic. Another fabulous sunset. Pedro’s Bar looked extremely inviting for sundowners but we resisted temptation as the alcohol consumption must be sternly addressed!

Just had one last stroll out onto the sand to look at this so called super moon before turning in. Himself is already snoring. The beach is bathed in a blue-ish silvery light. It’s eerie, almost as light as day. The sea is peaceful now and the night fisherman are lining the waters edge with their rods dug into the sand. It’s been too choppy for the boats to venture out today.

Time to turn in for the night now folks. I bid you all a Portuguese Boa Noyte. Sleep tight, will check in again soon xxx

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