The Morning after the Night Before…. Alvor. Again!

Jeez Loueez, my poor liver is on its knees (that’s poetry right there that is) this morning. It was party on at Pikey Central last night as we all prepared to go our separate ways. I feel very delicate!

Returned yesterday to see the very lovely Lynn at TiaLin and her equally lovely jackets. A decision had to be made even though I really wanted one in every colour.

The photos simply can’t do the garments justice, each piece is individual with its own message. This lady is an Artist and a jolly nice person into the bargain. Enjoyed a trying on session. Settled on a blue one but debating whether to go back for the yellow as well. Or the pink. What do you think?!

Later we nipped to check out the little seafood place down the harbour for a late lunch. The fresh swimmers had just been delivered and they were firing up the coals in readiness. Just about everything is cooked over coals here. The smell of woodsmoke is tremendous, particularly when they burn olive wood.

Back at base, things were hotting up. Stacey and Steve, a young couple from Newport in Wales whom we met in Sagres, had arrived. They had been given the news that they had both secured teaching jobs in Portugal for the Summer so they were up for a celebration. Tony and Marion had got the team flag out (Hayley Melluish you would love this!!)

They have definitely been to Margaritaville! The music was great. Henry had been warned I would castrate him with a tin opener if he played Tubular Bells! We had mixed a litre of Sangria with a bottle of red wine and a bottle of Prosecco for the girls. It was the nearest thing to a cocktail we could muster up. It was yummy and very potent. Severe silliness soon resulted. Maggs and Tony’s Rolling Stones impression was bettered only by our Oasis (nobody noticed we were both Liam and anyway, I was more Kevin and Perry to be fair). Yes you Fashionistas, I am rocking my Crocs!!

Feel blessed to have met this crazy bunch, they are such great fun! Always up for a few laughs.

We left them to it at 9 ish. I was sozzled and we needed to be up and on it next morning as we were moving on.

So here at Lagos again today. Arrived at The Marina ready for a Burns Supper at The Quay this evening. They’re going to be piping in the haggis with a famous Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders Pipe Major.

The thought of drinking whisky or anything else remotely alcoholic is making me go green at the moment. I have til 7pm to man up. I think a full English breakfast might be called for. I don’t even fancy fishfinger sarnies so it must be bad.

Going for a lie down!

Och aye the noo!


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