Sports Day Alvor

Hi you lot, greetings from Alvor. It’s been yet another glorious day here. Hope those reading back home are managing to stay snug, the weather reports sound grim, will try my best to send you a few rays.

After a sleepless night, mainly due to snoring husband AND dog, who insisted on sleeping in my bed, under the covers and everything and smells like an old crab, I was quite grumpy when the Bakers van came around at 8am instead of 9. I had only just nodded off. It’s worth jumping out of bed for though. He is an endearing little chap, he drives around the camp tooting his horn. The bread and croissants are still warm and delicious. The grumpy Dane is first in the queue. I saved my best bad face scowl for him. He nicked the last Pain au Chocolate. I’m avin  im tomorrow!!

Felt revived after a few gallons of tea and some sustanance. We had a stroll along the Marina, the boats looked lovely and the sea was like a millpond. Alvor is a pretty little town. The elderly fishermen sit in the old market building by the waters edge chatting, playing cards and drinking Bica, tots of very strong coffee. One or two are gutting fish. The town seems to be getting itself ready for holiday season. There are lots of repairs and renovations going on.

The little church is beautiful and surprisingly quite ornate inside. The white washed houses have lemon trees in their gardens absolutely laden with the fruit, the smell is heavenly.

We visited the little municipal market and picked up some supplies. I’m cooking traditional piripiri chicken for supper today. The butcher laughs at me as I gesticulate that I need the clucky’s head and feet chopping off!! Next stop is a really lovely shop I discovered on our last visit but unfortunately was closed for Christmas. Helen McLoughlin you never sold me about TiaLin!! This lady makes jackets, each one individual and unique. They are totally gorgeous. I try on and fall in love. Just need to decide which one. They are actual pieces of art! Difficult as they are all amazing.

  • So this afternoon we decided it would be Sports Day down on the beach. Maggs was joining us. Tony was going to give me a paddle board lesson, body boards and wetsuits came out and I had two new sets of beach ping pong bats. Now we are all over 50 but game for a laugh nonetheless and laugh we certainly did! By the time we hit the beach, the predicted ‘flat sea’ was looking a bit wavy davy. Tony the fearless had braved it anyway and was miles out beyond the swell. It took me a while to wrestle into my suit, it’s been a while and this lifestyle has done my waistline no favours. After much puffing and blowing, I was red faced and ready. The waves were now relentless and bloody powerful. Not the best conditions for my first attempt. Good old Tony was very patient. We were giggling for England. I did two stand ups and managed not to face plant. Very very funny! Marion and me then got the bodyboards in. Waves can’t make their mind up today! Managed to catch a few before the drag got a bit strong and we had to head back to shore. While all this was going on, my amazing little dog kept diving into the water and swimming his little heart out, getting marmalized by the big waves but thinking he was saving me. He’s such a hero, love him so much. He’s now in bed in his surfer PJs, he’s worn out! Doubles beach tennis, boys stick girls, Mazzer and me ROCKED! We hammered the lads. We all spent more time rolling about in the sand to be fair, it was hilarious. I won’t be able to walk tomorrow but hopefully I might sleep tonight?!

Well tomorrow’s another day! Right now we’re showered and clean and settled in for the evening. The lights are lit, the wine is chilled and my piripiri smells bloody amazing. Feel like we need to listen to Jack Johnson, It’s only the Ocean and You. Life is good.

Catch you later lovelies ❤️🍷🐔

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  1. Michelle there is loads of stuff I didn’t tell you about alvor it is always best to discover the bits you like for yourself. But tomorrow you could venture down to the lagoons and have a kite surfin lesson now you are an expert on the board.
    The weather looks fab for this time of year I like alvor because it is a proper fishing village although I do think it is better out of season
    Don’t know about the camp sites though I bet you could free camp down at retsinga practically on the beach
    H xx
    Our place is near to the rocky beach you were at yesterday

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