Let Friday Be-Gin (see what I did there!!) and Gale

Hey you cool cats, here we are at magic Friday again! Somebody up there, like Big G’s PA or summink, is winding the clock on double time I’m sure, the days are flying by. Anyways, G and T is the Friday vibe:-

We’re Back in Dollys Tour Bus, fairy lights lit and a bit of cool jazz playing in the background. Trying not to be in the smug zone but it’s hard cos it’s just brilliant! The sunset was magnificent. It’s been a hot one today. Hit the beach. Again. Started the morning with a lovely coffee, expensive by comparison but could have something to do with the view, check it out right behind me! Hey, my dress even matches the colour of that sea.

We then found a gorgeous little cove all to ourselves. Dylan owned it! Such a funny, endearing little dog, you have to love him!

This video doesn’t exist

The Surfers in the next cove along were cooking up fish they had caught from the rocks over a fire on the beach. Hope they had a nice dry white to accompany that! Smells delish!

Had a paddle, read my book, contemplated life. It’s difficult to take stock, life is almost too good to be true.

This video doesn’t exist

Anyway just to add insult to injury, I’m now prepping some garlic, parsley, lemon and salt butter to add to these amazing fillet steaks we picked up from the Butcher in Lagos Market, cooking on the outside grill. Trying to get them just right, medium rare! We have dauphinois in the oven smelling like heaven and fresh baked bread. YES CHUMS we are the poshest pikies in town! Now cork that Chateaux Neuf Lord Wadders, it’s almost time to dine.

Love to you all! Happy Friday

Ps. I lost the van keys today. Not big. Not clever. Not flippin funny. Two hours later found em in the laundry bag. I knew that. I will never get that two hours back. Not all a bed of roses see. TTFN x

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