Throwback Thursday – Costa Nova, Aveiro & Obidos

Hello out there and greetings from sunny Portugal, well actually that’s a fib as it’s pitch black now cos that big yellow thing has just sunk into the Atlantic and said cheerio for today.

its been a jobs day today, domestic detention I call it. I feel I have earned this rather large glass of red. The van is gleaming, my fingers and toes are bright coral and my roots now match the rest of my “naturally blonde” (ahem) crowning glory. Didn’t even make the beach, was exhausted sweetie darlings!

in view of the lack of anything exciting to tell you (no you cheeky monkeys I am NOT posting the cruel pictures Mark took of me with the streaking cap on so bugger off!) I will do another rewind to the next few places we visited after Porto. After that amazing City I didn’t really think anything would match it to be fair. My opinion of Portugal had been absolutely rocketed. We moved down the coast and decided to do a bit of wildcamping using Aires instead of sites for a while and getting back within our budget, we’d done a bit too much shopping (Royal we!!) and eating out of late, so needed to reign it in. Met up with our friends Liz and Henry, the Travelling Wibbillies at a funny little coastal resort called Costa Nova. It was a free spot in the dunes next to a cute bar. The houses were all painted in candy stripes, a very colourful quirky town with a daily market and great beach. Cycled to the lighthouse, also striped! Watched the kite surfers in the bay. Met Maggie, an Artist friend of Liz and Henry, travelling with her dog, Kezi. What a nice lady. Went out for Liz’s birthday and drank copious amounts of white port, my new best friend.

Saw the gondolas next day at Aveiro, a series of canals, known as the Venice of Portugal. A really fab place, touristy but worth a look. Spent a night at Costa do Lavos. Another free Aire right on the beach. Very typical village. Met up with Janet and Geoff, fellow Yorkshire folk whom we originally met at Cabarceno on the way down. Great spot.

From there we went inland to the fab hillside town of Obidos. Would not have wanted to miss this place, highly recommended! It’s built around a castle. The white washed buildings tumble down the hillside, there are quaint shops, restaurants and a couple of gorgeous churches. We ate flaming (literally) sausages and cheese in an atmospheric bar. Absolutely loved it. Everyone should go! Fell asleep listening to the clanking but comforting bells. Happy and slightly inebriated seems to be the order of the day.

Until tomorrow my friends. Manana ❤️


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