Dylan starts the day in the dog house….

Did you all hear me swearing this morning about 8am?! Everyone on the campsite did according to my Husband. Was just about to have a sip of my first cuppa when the lunatic hound launched himself at me, put his hind paw in my cup and I ended up wearing it. Wouldn’t mind but I only stripped and changed the bedding yesterday. The lot was soaked in builders brew strength tea. I was bloody fuming. Not a great start to the day. No, this time the spaniel eyes won’t cut it mate!! Bet Mark put him up to it to get me up earlier.

After yet another trip to the laundry room (was worth it as we met Russ from Manchester, a really nice guy), we decided to have a wander into the little town to pick up some fresh bread. Found a lovely little cafe for coffee and cake, mid morning staples! It’s another gorgeous day so let’s pack a picnic and head to the beach, it’s a plan Stan. The beach at Gale is fabulous. There were very few people around, a couple of paddle boarders and a surfer, despite the amazing sunshine.

Dylan redeemed himself by being a very vocal but very comical ball boy for our raucous game of beach tennis. What a hoot! I fell on my ass twice, Hayley Melluish couldn’t have done better!! Dylz refused to return the ball to Mark, he would only give it to me, it was a very giggly affair. Unfortunately then he ate the ball so play was halted, bugger. New balls please! I was jiggered anyway so time for an hour with my kindle and to catch a few rays.

The rock formations on this beach are quite special. Watching the sea is hypnotic. Distracting Mark so his trousers get soaked by an incoming wave is hilarious. I’m right funny me!! Didn’t manage a video, was too busy howling.

This video doesn’t exist
Anyway chums, it’s now wine O clock once again. Cooking chicken and fried potatoes on the outdoor cadac grill tonight with a Caesar salad. It’s hungry work being a beach bum. Just chatted to Matt about a marinade, it’s great having a chef for a Son!

Until tomorrow then my friends. Keep out of mischief. Boa noyte xxx


  1. Fabulous we are off to Llandudno tomorrow shopping Lucy flys back next week so needs to stock up at primardy lol
    Love following your travels

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  2. Thank you, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. We’re heading off to Spain and Portugal again soon. You’ve given me some ideas for new places to stop. We love Sagres – what is nice about a dirty great car park? The first time we stayed there, it sounded like an awful thunderstorm during the night but it was only the waves.

    I like to read about mishaps especially if they’re written about with humour. We, also, have a voice in a machine that sends us down little roads. I believe that if a road is cobbled it’s to be avoided most times. I try to do the same but only for a few friends. At the moment, I’m having problems finding a way to make it easy access and include photos at the same time. Yours looks really good.

    Thanks for the info on the tolls in Portugal. We have, in the past, found ourselves on a toll road but managed to escape unharmed (and no euros out of pocket) as soon as possible.

    I’m looking forward to reading more.

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