This Little Piggy went to Market…

Saturday is Market Day here in downtown Lagos! It’s a busy buzzy vibrant affair. Unlike markets in UK, the produce on sale is better quality and so a tad more expensive than the shops. It’s fab!

Spent the rest of the morning wandering around the little cobbledy streets and stopping for the odd coffee before returning to the van with our wares.

The van is down there somewhere across the water, I can just about see it!

The big bag of Avocados we bought last week has now ripened up so making a batch of yummy guacamole with the fresh chillies, lime and coriander from the market. Lunch is guacamole on toast with a poached egg aboard. Delish! For supper tonight it’s gnocchi with chicken, chorizo, spinach, tomato and mushroom. I’ve had some toms sunbathing for 3 days now, makes a massive difference to the sauce, makes it lovely and sweet and rich. Do not try this at home kids or the buggers will freeze! I suppose I’d better cork some red too although I know as soon as the top comes off I’ll start supping it and by the time I serve the nosh it will have mysteriously evaporated. I’ve noticed that before. Wine fairies???

There are four french people outside the door playing pétanque in the sand. They do it every afternoon, they’re a jovial bunch. There’s a guy in a self built wooden Motorhome who makes surfboards, his van is amazing inside, it is really state of the art with a wood burning stove. Check out his website at He also has a Facebook page, Bartes Surfwood. Really interesting. He lives here on the beach. The hippy family next door home school their kids and travel up and down the country The two little girls are always spotlessly clean and ridiculously polite. Today one is sporting fairy wings and the other an Indian head dress. I may have to invest in some of those wings. There are so many kinds of different people here, all nationalities, all rubbing along together. it’s very colourful and alive. Even the stray dogs are friendly. There must be something in that beautiful blue water!

Off for my little afternoon nap now. Before I go, one of Kev’s cheesy jokes for you. What has big teeth and sleeps in the afternoon? Siesta Rantzen! Boom boom! Soz for nicking that Kev but it makes me chuckle! If you didn’t laugh then you need to drink more.



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