Magic Friday

Friday is always a good day especially when you wake up in the dunes at Lagos to the sound of the waves hitting the sand.

A few words about Lagos. On our first visit it was just one of those places you drive through. We always knew there was more to it than that. This is now our fourth time here and it’s become a firm favourite. It has an official Motorhome Aire with services and a municipal campsite. We personally prefer to park on the Marina. A bit naughty but we’re rebels! There is a daily meat and fish market and other stalls selling an assortment of things along the river. Saturday is proper market day housed in the building by the bus station. It sells everything from live Cockerels to local honey. It’s buzzing and fab. The big beach behind the Marina is lovely and goes on for miles. I prefer the smaller one by the fort with the amazing rock formations and sea caves. It’s gorgeous but you have to mind the tides.

The Fort is only tiny but pretty and the sculptures inside are fab. It’s free admission if you can catch it open. Opposite the Fort is the old walled town gate.

There are some great spots to eat and drink in the town. We like The Barrigada on the little Harbour which does an “all you can eat, meat or fish” menu for 10 Euros. Wine is cheap and the staff are friendly. The line caught Seabass (Ribaldo) is fabulous. There are some pretty churches and a few Museums here, one being the former Slave Market (Mercado dos Escravos) dating back to the 1400s. All interesting stuff. There are some nice little shops too and lots of little cobbled side streets to wander up and down. It’s an all round nice place. At night the palm trees lining the river are lit up with fairy lights, it looks lovely. For all you Motorhomers there is a Lidl and a Pingo Doce with easy access and parking and also LPG fill up at the BP Garage.

So this morning we set off on our bikes for a pootle around. We had a look at the posh end of the Marina. There are a few eating spots with views of the yachts. We watched the fishermen bringing in the small boats loaded with crabs and lobster. Always a bargain to be had if you can talk them into selling to you direct. If not, there’s a shellfish sales shop behind the boatyard, at an inflated premium of course. We biked to the road bridge over the small estuary to see the Storks. Wow! The nests are everywhere, on all the chimney stacks etc. They are huge! Amazing birds. Didn’t have my proper camera so couldn’t get any decent pics. We sat and had a coffee and some cake in the square and I wrote some postcards. Dodgy looking chap came over and tried to sell me sunglasses. How rude when I was wearing my best REAL Dolce and Gabbanas. Chuff. When I told him to do one he tried to sell me Hashis or Cocaine instead. FFS! It used to be melons and pineapples!! Sign of the times! Mark came out of the Cafe and said to him in his silly Spanish/Mexican accent behind his hand “Wanna buy a watch boss?” They then had the most ridiculous conversation I’ve ever heard, Mark keeping up the accent and gesticulating a lot. Anyway apparently we’re meeting him tomorrow cos that’s when he’ll have some of the “good stuff”. What a joker my husband is. All seemed a bit tame going to the Supermarket for bread and bog rolls after that. Rock and roll.

Hooked up with a lovely German couple again this afternoon. Originally met them before Christmas, it was great to see them  such nice, down to earth people and talented Artists. Diana and Phillip. They create art out of trash from the beach. Look forward to seeing their work at the Hippy Market later this month. Have a look at their Facebook page, Peace, Shanti & Ahoi.

Off to Barrigada tonight, date night. I have new dress, happy bunny, and Wadders can have four plates full for a tenner. Winner winner.

Cheers you little beauties, enjoy magic Friday ❤️

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