Sleepless in Sagres……

Only a fellow Motorhomer could fully understand the stress and trauma caused by a faulty door sensor on a Dometic Fridge. It has an alarm which bleeps at 2 minute intervals, lasting 2 minutes, a sound likened to that of a dodgy smoke alarm. We got back to the van after a lovely evening and yes, you’ve guessed it, ours was well and truly on the blink. Despite our lovely mate Julian from Timberland taking time and effort to phone us and various very helpful suggestions from members of our several Moho related Facebook Groups, nothing worked. We tried everything. It was driving us bonkers! In the end our favoured solution was to get drunk and turn the music up louder. All well and good until bedtime. I have seriously never heard a more annoying sound. It beats the Dentists drill, chalk on a blackboard, the lot. I was actually quite glad when Mark and the dog both snored loudly as it took my mind off it a bit. Even my earplugs made little difference. At about 4am I must have nodded off., God knows how. When I awoke at 6 ish it had stopped. I said my grateful thanks to the big guy in the sky and gave Mark a good poke with the fly swatter as I needed a brew (his job). He had of course slept like a baby (the Chuff). I have not dared open the fecking fridge all day. I cannot drink black tea so had to settle for the fruit stuff which doesn’t go with mornings. Anyway, the damn thing has stayed quiet all day which is a very good job because my white wine is in there and the sun is now over the yard arm.

We received a weather warning yesterday afternoon via our friends Sue and Chris who are lucky enough to live in Portugal. Snow, hail and high winds. How very Derbyshire-esque!! Thankfully the only bit which has hit us so far is the big seas. Mahoosive waves this morning, I’ve never seen anything like it. The Fort at Sagres is on a finger of rock that juts out into the Atlantic. The sound of the sea this morning battering the cliffs on both sides was deafening (not as bad as a Dometic Fridge door alarm). The Cliffs are toweringly high but the waves were still reaching over them and jumping higher than the top of the vans at high tide. Spectacular and scary! It was still a glorious morning. These are the two contrasting east and west beaches.

North of the fort on another rocky cliff finger sits the Cabo De Sao Vicente Lighthouse. Again, very well worth a visit. It’s hypnotic flash out of my bedroom window has seen me off to sleep for the last few nights, with the exception of the last horrid night. It’s one of the most powerful lighthouses in Europe. There is a little museum and many different species of bird including the rare Boneli Eagle to be seen. It’s a great place.

Enough then about Sagres. We drifted on mid morning back to Lagos, chasing the better weather. Parked on the Marina overlooking the boats. It’s been a book on the beach afternoon. Dylan is at his happiest by the sea and he caught up with his old mate, a big kind hairy bear of a stray that lives by the harbour and is fed by the fishermen. Such a friendly dog.

We really like it here!

On that note I will love you and leave you for today my dears as I go and don my pinny and rustle up some grub. Hopefully tonight will be a better one.

Toodle pip ❤️


  1. May I suggest Bose noise cancelling headphones, amazing if you live with a snorer, the only way I stay sane and can watch tv or listen to music when I’m wide awake all night, go for the wireless version to save strangling yourself 😁
    Loving the blog by the way

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