What Day is it? TOLLS Portugal

Seriously losing track. If it rains today I’m having wine for breakfast. Just saying.

Anyway, as I have insomnia (no change there then although it could have a lot to do with the amount of bed the dog takes up and the loud snoring coming from the bearded one), I am going to back pedal to our first stop when we crossed the border into Portugal. Just in case any of our fellow Motorhomers are coming in via the same route i.e. at the northern tip of the coast. First point. TOLLS! For the electronic type, register at the toll gate located on the Border. Don’t kid yourselves that you won’t use tolls because at some point, if you are relying on a sat nav, you will! We stopped off at services on the Border and somehow managed to miss the tollgate. It’s been a right royal pain in the ass to sort. Just drive up to the tollgate and put in your credit card. It links the card electronically to your registration number and then you are good to go. It reads you automatically along the way and deducts payment. If you do miss the registration point you need to call into any post office and buy a toll card for the electronic tolls. Don’t bugger about trying to text the code, ring them! The number is on the back of the card. They are so helpful and speak excellent English. They will also log your mobile number and text should you need to top up which is useful. Toll gates to register are only situated at the Borders. If you don’t register and you are routinely pulled, your registration will be in the system and you will receive a 200 Euro spot fine. If not, you may well have a nasty bill waiting for you when you get home. DVLA DO now share their info with Portugal!! There are also manual toll motorways. These are different. Don’t be tempted to drive through the green ‘V’ lanes! Always go to the barrier lane and take a ticket. If you don’t have one when you come to get off you will be charged for the whole length of the motorway. An expensive mistake. Yes, you guessed it, we did this too. We are the Laurel and Hardy of the Motorhome world for sure. Anyway, hope this helps!! I’ve woken himself now with a quick swipe of the extendable fly swat so off for a cuppa. That’ll be tea as the sun is rising and it’s a beautiful blue sky! Ttfn x


  1. Had an email to let me know that there was a new update
    So Meeeeechelle, it’s working fine.

    You are now Jo Bloggs !
    (I wonder who joe bloggs was? Gonna google that now)

    I think it’s great what you 2 have done. Live life, Love life

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  2. Think I’ve cracked it, forgot to confirm subscription to your blog doh! A brilliant read, if I keep the curtains closed and don’t get out of bed, can just imagine we’re back there in the sun with you. Love V &B xx

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