Sagres – Once thought to be the end of the world

So for the last 3 days we have been back in Sagres. The home of Henry the Navigator but more importantly, Intermarche that sells Nan Bread and has a laundry!! It’s the most westerly point in Europe. The Fort is well worth a look. The fisherman perched on the ridiculously high cliffs make your toes curl. There are several deaths a year around these parts, yes, they bloody well do fall off! It has two main beaches, one facing east and one west, very popular with surfers. Tonel Beach has a dangerous rip current and can be wild as indeed it was yesterday. The town has a Cornwally feel with a few dudey bars and places to eat. The Aire (parking for Motorhomes) is free, on hardstanding so good when wet but has no services. You can dump and fill at good old Intermarche for 2 Euros or for free if you spend 30 Euros. Easy, they sell wine!

It’s been hot and sunny today. Took the dog for his morning dip and couldn’t be bothered to return to the van so stripped off to my vest and pants and sunbathed for a couple of hours (luckily without getting arrested). By lunchtime the sea had become a playground for dozens of surfers and my peace was shattered. Not exactly the right look for a trendy surf beach Marks and Spencer’s finest. Anyway, we were all hungry by then. Dylan met lots of new doggy friends and had fun in the sea. Had a stroll to the post office to send some postcards and picked up some fresh cobs for lunch. Unfortunately we had to walk past a Pizzeria so stopped for wine and pizza and fed the cobs to the seagulls. There goes another proposed alcohol free day down the pan. Such is life.

This video doesn’t exist

On our last visit to these parts we stayed a few miles north of Sagres at Carrapateira. Another free Aire, a wild and wonderful place in the sand dunes. The beach is fabulous with a freshwater lagoon full of fish (didn’t catch a single thing). There were storks and sea eagles. The little village has a couple of fab places to eat. Highly recommended. There is also a Lidl between there and here to stock up on cheap beer (Motorhomers NEVER pass a Lidl without stopping!)

Moving on back to Lagos tomorrow. It’s a shame not to revisit Figueira a few miles up the road. The Motorhome Park there has been my favourite so far, I could live in that area, the beaches and walks are to die for and of course our mates from Youlgreave, the Cookies, are only up the road. However, we are following the sunshine so Lagos it shall be.

Time to go watch the sunset people. Hasta la vista baby x


  1. Even though we have been to Sagres ( and had a great time) your discripive blog is bringing those lovely memories flooding back, not bad for a girl from a small village near Woosetts.

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