First blog post

So, as you lovely people have been pecking at my head since Mark and I finished work last May, I have finally decided to try my hand at blogging. I have absolutely no clue what that even means so please bear with me. You will probably end up seeing my shopping list or similar, technology is not my strong point. That said, I will try my best to share our experiences along the way so feel free to follow if you are interested!

As most of you know, we are now in Portugal and have been for a while. We travelled down through France from Calais, along the coast of northern Spain and suddenly, here we were. As the weather has been kind, we have stuck around. Again, we have followed the coastline, only nipping inland to see places of interest highlighted by our guidebook (Rough Guide to Portugal ). This Country has been a joy. We expected man made resorts and golf courses both of which we’ve seen relatively few of. Instead it has been beautiful Cities. Castles, Palaces, pretty villages and stunning beaches. The people here are warm and friendly. The food is simple, honest and great quality. We love the bustling markets and fresh produce, especially the black honey, yum! Not so keen on the chickens with heads and feet left on but the feet have been great practical joke material, ha ha!

Christmas was always going to be a worry as we knew we would miss family and friends. However, we have met lots of fellow travellers and new friends . We ended up having the best crazy fun, the kids flew out for the New Year, a wonderful spectacular event on the beach in Albufeira, live music, fireworks, all absolutely free, just bring your own bubbly!!

That just about brings us up to speed. We have back tracked to Sagres, the most westerly point in Europe as we didn’t see enough of the places along the way to The Algarve.  The weather is a bit rubbish today so I am holed in with a sea view and a box of choccies doing this. Let’s see how we rub along!

Happy  New Year y’all and much love from Michelle Mark and Dylan the salty sea dog ❤️


  1. Following with interest Michelle and Mark. We are also new to blogging having started our tour a month ago tomorrow, ekkk. We are the Guernsey Donkeys on Tour. We are currently in Morocco until March before heading back to Europe. Enjoy Shirena & Keith


  2. Met you guys at Figueira, and you spotted us at Lagos as you passed through. Happy New year. We did New Year @ Sagres after doubling back from Faro. Now at Manta Rota and had rain all day, view not as good as you have. Heading out to Spain in a couple of days. Good luck with the blog and enjoy your travels, we’ll be reading your progress. ATB Dave & Karen.


    • Hi you lovely folk! We fully intended going back to Figueira this week, loved it there. Not feeling it though after the rain, the track to the beach would be muddy for the dog! We will be heading to Spain at some point so look forward to meeting on the road! Happy travels! Xxx


  3. Hello from cold Bakewell! We will be doing similar journey to you soon and will be following your blog with interest…we love Portugal! From Tracey and Bill


  4. Add to ‘ what day is it’ ‘ what’s a weekend ‘
    Whilst we are not travelling yet I am enjoying my retirement and you have prepared me for it so much over the last few months even to showing me there will be wobbles
    Love the FB entries.. instagram and now the blog
    Les P devotee xx


    • Don’t get me started on toilet humour. The downside of Motorhoming is peeing in whatever vessel you can lay your mitts on, usually the poor dogs bowl, when the bog is full and you’re in the middle of nowhere.


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